12 July 2020

AI collaboration between humans and the digital world for success!

In the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we refer to technology used to do a work  that need some level of intelligence to accomplish. This is where collaboration is required.

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Companies are using AI to innovate and expand their business more quickly than ever.  This is a time of change and change occurs fast. Those able to understand that in the long run  living, working, co-existing, and collaborating with AI is required are moving towards success. People who  neglect the actual fact that business transformation in the digital age depends on human and machine collaboration will inevitably be left behind.

This collaboration could expand revenue by 38 percent by 2022, according to research by Accenture. At least 61 percent of business leaders agree that the joining of human and machine collaboration is going to help them attain their strategic priorities faster and be more productive.
 We are living in an age in which AI ability is  reaching new heights and is having a significant effect on how we make do our business. This might provide more capacity, more time and budget, and exact information for decisive people management.
The  success of any organization depends on how effectively it combines people, process and technology intelligently to deliver excellent value at optimal cost.
Finding the right details, with lower costs, in less time and through a  secure manner helps  make momentum step by step. From there,  AI can be successfully put together into an employee’s on boarding program.
Benefits of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence holds both great promise and lots of benefits for the economy, business, and industries
Artificial intelligence is good for the economy as it is helping more work to be done.  Robots and AI will help people perform their work, not take their jobs. The mixture of man and machine are getting to be unbeatable.
Deep learning and machine learning, AI can become smarter over time, thus increasing a business productivity. AI will also significantly reduce the probability of human error and study historical data to cut costs.
Facial  recognition, pattern identification, and digital content analysis  is going to increase a lot. Academic research, health sciences, and tech companies will also enjoy enhanced capabilities.
2. For Humanity and Society
AI increases information throughput and productivity, helping people create new opportunities. We are talking about a new field for revenue generation, savings. Artificial intelligence improves user’s lifestyle choices by using search algorithms that gives selected information. AI will handle all the tasks, like data entry and answering e-mails.
In the history of humanity, the development of technology has resulted in the elevation of the human condition. Think of electricity in homes and the automobile. AI has the potential to eclipse these because machines are getting to help people solve more significant, more complex  social problems. Innovation will reign, and quality of life will  improve.
Artificial  Intelligence has the potential to inflate human creativity and ingenuity by handling tedious tasks. People will have longer to seek out trial and survey.
3. For health care and medicine health care services
It will be good at diagnostics because an AI  can monitor users 24/7. Artificial intelligence can help people extend their awareness and understanding of medicine.
AI is transforming business processes in many ways:-
It facilitates :-                
★ Flexibility
★ Authentication
★ Proven method
★ Speedy delivery
★ Decision making
★ Global support
★ Personalization

AI will create new roles and opportunities Of course, some roles will come to an end as it has happened in the history of humanity whenever there has been a technological revolution. However, the changes toward human and machine collaboration require the creation of latest  roles and thus the recruiting of latest talent. It is not just a matter of implementing  AI technology. We also need to recall that there is no evolution without change. 


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