07 July 2020

Digital trainers march towards success through continuous learning!

The Digital World, sometimes called"Digi-World", is a world that exists parallel to the earth which has an intimate link to the data on Earth's telecommunications networks


Definition Source: digimon.fandom.com/wiki/Digital_World

Digital world is proving to be one of the most vital and widely used platforms in today’s scenario of COVID-19, by being the best panacea. In the lockdown time all the companies, schools, colleges, institutes as well as industries were promoting WFM (Work from Home) using digital platforms. IT sector employees started working from home, Teachers/ faculties started delivering lectures online, Institutes conducted exams online, interns started internships online and the list is uninterrupted.

The digital world is as simple and as complicated at the same time,

  Simple because it is user-friendly and

  Complicated because it needs regular upgradation and ceaseless learning.

As Brian Tracy sais, ”Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field”.

Hence, we need to focus on continuous learning so as to achieve success in life.

This is applicable to digital trainers as well. Training when conducted digitally is inexpensive and reaches maximum people at the same time. But, it is feasible only when the trainer is a continuous learner. The reason behind this is that technology can help us reach up to an unpredictable distance only when one is updating himself to the latest versions available.

Trainers are known for their natural ebullience and so it is easier for them to adapt to new technologies and make the necessary changes. Also, it is said that trainers need to focus on the audience first before designing the training module. On digital platforms, a trainer cannot see his trainee always, if there are large numbers of audiences. Therefore, it is necessary for a trainer to step into the shoes of his trainees so as to understand the requirements that needs to be delivered. The most important advantage for a trainer in this digital world is that he can have global connections with his audiences and train people from anywhere in the world.

Success in digital word is achieved only by having an attitude to make best possible use of the tools, technologies, sources or platforms available in the digital world. So, if we are not a continuous learner it acts as a barrier that prevents us from reaching our goals. Digital training is not only one way but has the option of two way communication whenever needed.

One more reason that proves continuous learning to be successful in digital world is competition. There is huge competition in each and every field worldwide. If you want to stand out of the crowd you need to work on the same.

Small technology jumps makes a huge difference so as to reduce hassle and re-jig our routines. We (trainers) are blessed with digital technologies which help us maintain long distance bonding with our trainees or clients. We can guide or consult our trainees whenever they need it without meeting in person because today’s digital era allows us to do the same.

Now tell me as we are living in the 21st century, can you imagine a world that is not digital in any sense?

Of course not! As digitalization is a boon to all of us, let us utilize it in the best possible manner.

That is why my suggestion to everyone is that, be a continuous learner to be good trainers.

As it benefits trainers, it will surely be beneficial for all of us. Continuous learning is a step to succeed forever!

Thank you.

Image source:https://www.gpca.org.ae/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Image-1-3-6498x2166.jpg

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