10 July 2020

Do social media marketing to form a digital identify and succeed

Social media marketing is the use of social websites and networks to market  a company’s product or services. Social media is that platform where you can achieve your branding goals through internet marketing which involves creating and sharing of content.

Social media marketing or SMM provides us a way to do many things. It shows us -
How to engage with the existing customer
How to promote our business
How to run our campaign
Firstly if you want to do social media marketing so you have to take basic knowledge about the business or customer. It means which platform work with business to business and business to customer and you also have to find if your business relates with business to business or business to customer .
There are lots of social media platforms, some of which are Facebook ,Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and so on. All they have their own algorithms. These platforms have their strategy to work on. And after google YouTube is the 2nd search engine .

Instagram :- It is good for business to customer .
Facebook:- It is good for business to customer .
YouTube :- YouTube works with business to customer as well as business to business .
LinkedIn :- It also work with business to business and business to customer.
Twitter :-It works with business to business .
In my opinion, for business to customer best social media platform is Facebook ,LinkedIn and YouTube.
If you are a model ,then Facebook and Instagram is the better platform for you.
If your work is related with digital marketing then LinkedIn And Instagram is better social media platform .
If your work is related with video creator then YouTube and LinkedIn are best platform for you.
Now this time people are getting bored to read the content writing. But if the same thing is created in the video then we listen and watch it with Great pleasure.
Remember not to promote your business on wrong social media platform.

7 social media marketing trends in 2020 you can watch .

 How to increase your follower?
Put professional profile picture on particular social media platform.
Description of your work must .
Value provide to the audience.
People need to know which type of product actually you promote .give them reason to follow you.
Find your interest  area and follow it and share as much possible .
You have to put your real content .
Till 6th month don’t promote anything. Only give them brief explanation.
Don’t pitch people directly.
You have to engage your audience and if they follow you. You  have to follow back them and solve their problems regarding their project  if they have .

Bonus tip:- Do your work only in particular one social media platform, Like -YouTube. Search more and more and work on it.Dont’t use the multiple media platform.

Some tips to start small business in social media marketing :-
Start with basic objective 
Select small business 
Choose your social media platform 
Target your  audience
Build your social network 
Make a schedule and show flexibility too

Social media marketing  strategy:-
We need to do the following for a fresh project .
Let’s create a strategy so that the problem does not come from start to end. If your work is not going smooth then you should check the strategy.
Process :- focus on your goals 
Who to reach ?
Which channel will work.
Types of engagement 
Focus on your goals :- 
Traffic (advertisement)
Brand Awareness
SEO -links
Who to reach ? 
Existing customer
New markets
Potential customer 
 Which channel will work :-
Types of engagement :-
We need to understand what is the best platform for us and invest our time and energy in using it well. This is the way we can move towards success.

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