19 July 2020

Explore the top 10 digital transformation trends in 2020 and beyond to succeed!

The digital world is here and is evolving all the time so we need to keep evolving too.

Change is the only constant in the world it has been said. This is even more relevant and applicable in the digital world for the change here is too quick to take place and affects almost everyone. As trends keep changing in the dynamic digital world, we do need to keep track of the trends that are emerging now so that we remain current and empowered. We show you the important developments now.

These are the trends we see
1.    5G for You and Me
2.    A faster WiFi  is needed for a faster world .
3.   Analytics are the Competitive Advantage 
4.   AI and Machine Learning become force multipliers for data analytic
5.     Blockchain moves beyond Crypto 
6.     RPA catches a second wind
7.     Conversational AI becomes a legitimate interface
8.     ACPCs transform the laptop market forever
9.     Ted vehicles, autonomous drones and Smart Cities become our new reality 
10.   UX/CX, Xaas and privacy: How technology-adjacent Digital Transformation trends will take to center stage in 2020 and consider privacy too.

Older, more mature foundational technologies will continue to find themselves at the center of most digital transformation initiatives in these areas and all organisations will step in here.
The one thing we must remember is that the digital world is very dynamic so we do need to move with it. In this era, we may not get another opportunity so it is better we take our digital steps soon. Fortunately, the information and learning is available globally so we can learn this too.For, everyone is doing this. Ultimately, we can transform ourselves and succeed or not do this and be left behind.

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