01 July 2020

How AI Is Changing The Education Industry

The academic world is becoming more convenient and personalized because of the various applications 
of AI for education. This has changed the way people learn since educational materials are getting 
accessible to all or through smart devices and computers. now's the time to debate the transformations 
brought by AI in education.

1. Simplifying Administrative Tasks
Artificial Intelligence can have automate expedition of administrative duties for the teachers and 
academic institutions. Teachers spend a lot of time on grading exams, giving homework, and providing 
responses to the students. But technology can often to automate the grading tasks where multiple tests 
are involved. 

2. Smart Content
Artificial intelligence and education go hand in hand and therefore the techniques might be all that's 
required to make sure that each one students attend the ultimate academic success. Smart content 
may be a extremely popular material today. Robots can produce digital content of comparable quality as 
what different essay writing services can create. This technology has already reached a classroom 
setting. Smart content also includes virtual content like video conferencing, video lectures.

3. Personalized Learning
Artificial intelligence is introduced, teachers are not replaced, but they are in a position to perform 
much better by offering personalized recommendations to each pupil. 

4. Global Learning
Artificial intelligence can help to eliminate boundaries. Technology brings drastic transitions by 
facilitating the learning of any course from anywhere across the globe and at any time. AI education 
equips students for fundamental IT skills. With more inventions, there will be a wider range of courses 
available online and with the help of AI students well be learning from wherever they are.

5. New Efficiencies
AI improves IT processes and unleashes new efficiencies. For instance, town planners could use it to 
minimize traffic jams and improve the safety of pedestrians. Similarly, schools can determine the 
appropriate methods of preventing students from getting lost in crowds when they run in corridors. 
Artificial Intelligence in education can pay for itself. The truth is new technologies come with upfront 
expenses for installation and training. But eventually, these costs become negligible. Technology gets 
cheaper over time and so does the hardware and software.

Roles For Artificial Intelligence In Education

1.Educational software can be adapted to student needs.
One of the way artificial intelligence will impact education through the application of greater levels of 
individual learning. Some of this is already happening through growing numbers of learning and 
software. These systems respond to the needs of the student, putting greater emphasis on certain 
topics, repeating things that students haven’t mastered, and generally helping students to work at their 
own pace, whatever that may be.Custom-tailored education could be a machine-assisted solution to 
helping students at different levels work together in one classroom, with teachers facilitating the 
learning and offering help and support when needed. 

2.It can point out places where courses need to improve.
Artificial intelligence offers a way to find the solution of the problem. Coursera, is an open online 
course provider, is already putting this into practice. When a large number of students are found to 
submit the wrong answer to a homework assignment, the system alerts the teacher and gives future 
students a customized message that offers hints to the correct answer.The type of system help to fill in 
explanation that can occur in courses, and helps to ensure that all student to build the same foundation. 
Other than waiting to hear back from the teachers, students are given immediate feedback that helps 
them to understand the concept and remember how to do it correctly the next time around the 
education system.

3.AI can make trial-and-error learning less intimidating.
Trial and error is a part of learning, but for many students, the idea of failing, or even not knowing the 
answer . Some simply don’t like being put on the spot in front of their peers or authority figures like a 
teacher. Artificial intelligence could arrange students a way to experiment and learn in a relatively free 
environment, especially when AI tutors can offer solutions for improvements.

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