07 July 2020

Importance of communication HR workplace for better succes and positive growth

Importance of communication in HR workplace for success and positive growth!

Communication is used in human resources to transfer the  information from directors to employees (between different departments).  Effective communication can also increases productivity  which benefits  the employees and also for  the company growth . Proper communication techniques can enhance  employee morale  ( motivation) to create a positive work Environment.
Positive communication coordinates in creating a work environment that reduces employee ( Reduces the cost of product and employees do their work full efficiency and effectively manner) turnover . It is necessary to keep experienced employees working in the company so that it is easy to train and instruct. Poor communication can creates problem for any organization. Because without proper direction or motivation employees do not work in an effective manner.

Effective communication attempts to help people understand the market forces that shape the actions and strategy of the business.
Human resources not only motivate the employees but also help in  delivering communicate information and respect the command given by professionals to  the employee to execute the task. Important of communication leads to :
* Growth
* Team building
* Innovation
* Team Management

Digital way of reaching out
Digital communication also plays an important role as follows:
1)  Digital communication supports dialogue 
2)  Digital communication covers wide areas of communication network.
3)  Digital communication is cost effective insignificant manner.
4)  Digital communication is more interesting because by giving adequate examples the mangers explain the current situation or information.
5)  Digital communication is more engaging  and meaningful to listeners.
We must take communication more seriously to build a better and more productive company. The digital media definitely makes this possible,

Regards : Beena

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