07 July 2020

Importance Of Communication In HR For Success

Importance of communication in HR for success !

Human resource shares  with an organization's most significant resource: its human capital.  An individual  can't manage humans without interacting with them and important  to own effective interaction is communication — both verbal and nonverbal. Communications helping in  making a positive work environment. 


 During this transfer the information from  human resource to the  directors employees. This information pertains to company policies or goals. Effective communication increases productivity, which benefits employees and also the company. Proper communication techniques can raise the  employee morale to make  a positive work environment.

Positive communication practices creates a piece work environment that reduces employee turnover. It is important to stay experienced employees within the corporate to assist in instruct others. Communication plays a important role  in HR workplace:-
  • It avoids confusion
  • It builds a positive culture
  • It provides purpose
Good communication skills are used when hiring new employees. 

Digital communication also plays important role as follows:-
  • Digital communication enables face to face communication over time, and culture.
  • Digital communication helps in share ideas, collaborate and have interaction  in joint action with peers.
  • Digital communication has the power to form  relationships and connections globally.
  • Digital communication allows access of world talent pool.
  • Digital communication is cost effective.

We must understand and work on communication skills to be successful in HR. This will surely make us move forward in life.

Thank you.

Diksha Sharma
MBA-HR Student

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