08 July 2020

Importance of communication in HR



“Communication is the process of sharing ideas,beliefs and information to different people”

Communication plays a very important role in day to day life and in the business organisations as well. Now the question arises what the need of communication in HR is.

Communication plays very crucial role in the Human Resource Management as  the Human Resource Department have to deal with the employees of the organisation.

 Following are the importance of communication in HR:

1.Effective and efficient leadership: The HR managers who are capable in supervising and managing all areas are the first contact for employees. Good communication increases the trust and credibility of the leader and manager in the mind of the employees. This also makes the leadership style of manager more effective.

2.Improves Team building: Good and honest communication skills creates the good team. As when there will be trust in the organisation,employees will work in the team with harmony.As when the employees talk to each other and give respect to each other they will do work like their own not as an organisation work.

3.Increases efficiency: Good communication skills increases the efficiency level. As the poor communication reduces the efficiency level because without providing clear instructions,  mistakes might take place.

4.Boost up the morale of the employees: Effective and open communication skills can boost up the morale of the employees because the employees are free to give their suggestions to the managers. This will motivate the employees to work in the organisation efficiently and effectively.



“The digital communication occurs among the people through websites, audios, videos etc.” 

 The communication between the employees and employers through the digital medium has been increased enormously. Today due to the Covid 19 pandemic there is an urgent need to communicate with each other digitally.

Following are the importance of digital communication in HRM:

1.Reduces the paper work: The increasing trend of the digital communication has reduced the paper work. As of now ,documents are send to the employees through the email.

2.Saves lot of time and money: Digital communication saves lot of time and money of the people as it gives the facility of video conferencing as we can connect with the people at anytime anywhere.

3.Less effect of noises: The effect of noise and interference are less in digital platforms so noise has very little impact.

Therefore,  communication through digital platforms is more reliable and accurate.

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