08 July 2020

Importance of communication in workplace for HR to succeed

Importance of communication in workplace for HR to succeed 
Good communication is the main tool of organization by which we can achieve our organization goals. Communication is also work for motivation of employees who invest their time in organization. Communication help a lot in productivity and strong relationships among the organization as well as employees.
Poor communication can create problems for your organization. Without motivation, employees can’t work properly. They lost their confidence and motivation by which organization have to face lot of problems.
The importance of communications are the following :-
Growth:- for the growth of your organization communication plays important role in organization both side internal  or external.
Team building:- Teambuilding is important tool by which they communicate their strategy to employees how to collaborate together.
Gives voice to everyone.:- every employee trust on  top level and they want to communicate their problem to them .it means if there is level of free communication then they work well.
Innovation:- Where employees can communicate ideas without fear . and they can communicate their  Innovation idea to the organization. Means they are feel free to tell their innovative idea because it can be profit for their organization.
Strong management – Good communication is the better way of strong management if you have no idea about how to talk with management you can’t make strong management so communication is really most important thing for all.

How to improve?
Show sympathy and listen carefully.
Choose your medium(language) of communication 
Clarity is a must
Define your goals and expectations
Define your strategy 
Encourage your employees
We need to understand the importance of good communication to succeed in the field of HR.

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