07 July 2020

Importance of communication, including digital communication in HR


Communication is discussion of ideas with many each other.
Communication plays a very important role in day to day life and also in business organization. Creating and maintaining a positive work environment in workplace means effective workplace communication. Communication plays very crucial role in the Human Resource Department . It is the responsibility of the human resource department to hire those employees who are beneficial for the company growth and prepare those employees to perform their assigned tasks effectively and efficiently. Communication plays a key role in the relationship.
Communication is used by HR to convey information from directors to employees. Effective communication gives more output in the growth of the company.


Good communication techniques boosts employee morale because employees are free to give their opnions to the managers and it also creates a positive work environment 

Its helps employees understand terms and conditions of the company.

 Effective leadership benefits from effective communication. HR managers empower supervisors and managers in areas such as being first responders or employee relations matters, is effective in handling many of the routine issues that arise within the department.

There are various factors that cause a stressful working environment. Good communication defeats all these factors.

Essentially, attrition can be avoided through workplace communication.


 Digital communication means exchange of information through internet, websites, meeting and email.

Nowadays due to COVID-19 pandemic situation everyone is using  technology to communicate locally or overseas. Digital communication plays a vital role in business. Communication between the employers and employees has increased  digitally. Use of internet , websites, meetings, email and videoconferencing gives us more freedom to communicate all over the world.

Following are the importance of digital communication in HRM:

By using the right technological tools through a digital workplace , we can make work-life easier for our employees. This leads to more productivity.

Employees are able to access all the tasks , projects through a single platform which save their times and also increases productivity.

Adopting a digital workplace can have a positive impact on your companys revenue growth and make education and training more efficient because of reducing the amount you spend on wages and training .

Use of more digital communication has reduced the paper work. Nowadays documents are send to employees through the email.

We need to take all communication, including digital seriously in HR to progress effectively and succeed.

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