08 July 2020



Social Media Marketing is a process of  social media platforms and websites use for promote a product or service. Social media has a wider scope it’s include many platform  such as; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email _marketing, LinkedIn and many more platform or websites.

It’s a powerful tool for every business to grow and aware of people for their product and service. Social Media Marketing is a helpful and beneficial platform to connect with your audience to build your brand, relationship and increase sales.


Nowadays, businesses more prefer to social media platform  because they know very well this time is social media time and digital marketing time. People prefer mostly easily available product goods and services and they are mostly active on social media that’s why social media is a best way to promote businesses. Social media marketing advertising and promoting a company because they can grow easily. If I give most used platform is amazon, Facebook because people buy product online or digitally.




Using Social Media To Grow Your Brand Awareness

Social Media marketing is used in various business like small business, B2B, travel and tourism marketing, banking and many more businesses.  Social media marketing requires creativity and strategy to extend business in whole world. It’s  main focus on people, note on product.

·        Increase brand awareness for key audience.

·        Build relationships with customer

·        Create positive brand identity

·        Improving communication

·        Increasing website traffic.

·        Retarget audience for using social media

·        Use Segmentation, Targeting and positioning.


Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

·        Social media is the best source of getting feedback from customer because everyone has their own profile. They can easily drop message or feedback. It builds a great connection between you and your customers.

·        If any company launching a new product or service, then social media is a the best platform going to help you in many ways. Through social media people will get the information quickly and easily.

·        Social media is that platform where you can easily build connection easily with your customer and also can spread brand awareness because social media gathers people at one single platform. If anyone use social media wisely then it can be a key factor for them.

·        Social media is also reduce cost and it’s a effective strategy of marketing. Nowadays people use mobile device and computer to search for product and services all time. Anybody can make page and promote their business so it’s reduce cost too.

·        Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty both play a vital role in making your business more authoritative.  Satisfied customers  usually turn to social media to express their opinion.

·        This is one way to become a thought leader. We need  to use social media platforms and build your presence. We need to connect with our audience, share content, and promote our authority. This is surely more possible in social media marketing than ever before.


Social media marketing is an effective way to market ourselves and our brand globally. This is something we need to work on.


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