20 August 2020

Change and online success in education dissemination during Covid-19

Nelson Mandela said,  “EDUCATION IS THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON WHICH YOU CAN USE TO CHANGE THE WORLD" this is absolutely correct but if the whole world become helpless to giving wings to the students in the form of education, so how can these student change the world. 

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Education is not just studying chapters or concepts but it is giving that knowledge which we can use it for the betterment of ourselves. Education has the power to transform a person to a good human being who can not only think about themselves but can also think about others.

Now, the whole world is facing tough time due to SARS-CoV-2. Millions of people have been affected and more than half a million of people lost their lives and no one knows when it will end. Everything even our  lives are  at risk. In fact, everything; our jobs, our education, our financial stability and our standard of living is at high risk. Most of job aspirants are still unemployed and those who were working have now lost their jobs due to current economic depression.

 The future of every nation that is STUDENTS are facing a very deep halt in their studies. For, they can not go to their respective schools/institute/colleges to continue their studies. Due to this their studies are getting affected. As we all have to adapt to this situation, giving them online classes or guidance is our only option. With this,  their studies are getting less affected also they can now study without any risk of getting affected by the virus or bad break. All the education boards reduced the syllabus and discontinued the physical classes. This step is good in some ways as well as bad in some ways. If one sees the good aspects of this step then, it includes continuation of studies, technical advancement, gaining of knowledge easily. This is usually in a comfortable, convenient and safe environment and it is less time consuming. However,  the bad aspects of online classes is that it includes lack of feedback, lack of face to face communication.  Further, the  instructor requires to focus on theory rather than practicals. Another drawback is that  the teacher can’t monitor the student. Swell and so isn’t able to determine whether students are understanding the concept or not. As India is a developing nation everyone doesn’t have access to Wi-Fi or good internet connection. Some of us can’t afford this facility at our homes so this is one of the biggest hindrance for a student but for every problem there is a solution, also everything have both positive and negative sides but the side we are looking at  is what matters the most, so we can not scrutinize the negative aspect only.

This virus is acting like a wall between the success of a nation and the future of the students and everything has become unpredictable, students who were planning to study further, now they can’t anticipate when they can proceed further. Online classes reduces the hindrance of discontinuation of on going studies but what about those who are preparing for competitive exams! Date of the entrance exam keeps on postponing and no one know when it will be finalized. So government and education boards must this into consideration and should try to reduce the hindrances of the student.


New situations require new approaches. The best way therefore is to introduce online education so that students do not get hampered in any way,

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