Covid-19 is changing business in a paradigm shift towards digital success
Are we seeing a challenge or an opportunity? It would help if we analyse what we are seeing around us and do our best to face the challenge, thereby creating opportunities.

It’s been several weeks since corona virus attacked the world.  19  We can see that there is a lot of suffering across the world. What do we do to handle this pandemic


With Covid 19 truly capturing everyone’s attention across the globe, one can also see many people trying their best to control in the best possible manner. The aim of course is to end the suffering. Business is also doing its best to make it easier for people to work, whether remotely or with all measures in place for keeping welfare of the employees as the most important factor. The challenge of course is both economic and biological. The challenge therefore does need to keep both factors in mind.

Supply chain

All supply chains are becoming digital. Deliveries need to move quickly. Digital is becoming the new norm and companies are indeed adopting this approach. In fact, many companies are becoming even more efficient than earlier. This is surely because of the positive approach they have embraced. Global supply chains too are becoming a common norm in many places, now more than ever before. The market is indeed becoming more and more digital in all areas so the physical location doesn’t really matter at all. This of course means companies do need to adopt a new approach.

Paraidigm shifts

Whatever the circumstances a company may face, paradigms are changing and therefore one needs to adapt and move ahead with this new perspective.


All changes when handled well can indeed become an opportunity. Covid-19 could redefine our strategy and create a better working model. Let us aim to convert this crisis into a game changer.


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