how to cope up with challenges to succeed in AI in education..!!!



Challenges of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Many countries are at the risk of suffering new technological and economic divides unless they adapt. The main obstacles that developing countries face is basic technological infrastructure.  This is needed for better learning. This will surely put them on par with developed countries as the it is possible to learn from global leaders in AI.

Following are the challenges of AI in education:

·         Preparing teachers for an AI powered education:The teachers must learn the new digital skills so that they can teach their students as well and can learn the skills in a meaningful way.

·         Enhancing research on AI in education:As it is reasonably expected that the research on AI in education will increase in the coming years.

·         Dealing with ethics and transparency in data collection,use and dissemination:AI opens many ethical issues such as access to education systems,personal data concentration,liability,impact on work etc.AI regulation will require public discussion on ethics,transparency and security.


Benefits of Artificial Intelligence IN Education:

Educational apps can be used by two types of users-students and teachers.Ofcourse these types of solutions bring different benefits to the students as well as teachers.


Advantage of AI in education for students:

·         Education at any time:Young people spend a lot of time on the go. They prefer doing the regular tasks by using smartphones or tablets.AI based applications provide an opportunity to study in their free time or by spending just 10-15 minutes. Here, the students can get instant feedback from tutors.

·         Virtual mentors:AI based applications offer virtual mentors to the students to track the students’ progress,although only the human teachers can understand the student’s needs but it is good to get instant feedback from the virtual mentors.


Advantages of AI in education for teachers as well as  schools:

·         Opportunity to see weakness: Different training courses allow seeing the gaps in a student’s knowledge. As a result the tutor has an opportunity to pay attention to the demanded topic.

·         Opportunity to find a good teacher:AI educational platforms have a lot of teachers,so the students have the opportunity to communicate with specialists from other countries as well.Hence the AI enabled educational platform offers appropriate tutors,depending on the teaching experience and soft skills also.

·         Curriculum automatic creating:Teachers will definitely get a great benefit from AI development. These days teachers don’t need to create a curriculum from scratch. As a result,tutors spend less time searching for necessary education materials.

·         Better engagement: Various modern technologies like VR and gamification help involve students in the education process,making it more interactive. Various AI-enabled algorithm can analyze the user’s knowledge and interests and provide more personalized recommendations and training programs.


In conclusion, we can say that AI has different advantages as well as various challenges.The fact of the matter is that AI does not take away, in any way,shape-or form the classroom.Rather it makes the classroom experience a lot better than before.






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