06 August 2020

How to overcome with challenges and future trends of digital learning

Let us understand the challenges of digital learning to overcome them so that we can move towards success. 
• Poor infrastructure It is the major problem faced by the schools. Most schools do not have a proper infrastructure for distributing the eBooks or digital content. The availability of steady and fast internet connection are the major issues for schools.
 • Lack of good content The growth of e-learning raises important questions about the quality of the content. It is not just to converting the books into digital formats but also create the new interactive and relevant content. 
 • Technological difficulties Most of students does not have the laptop or desktop computer. Many depend on their smartphones. The good connectivity and speed of the internet are also a big issue for those students whose are living in small cities and villages. 
 • Struggle to adopt The biggest impediment to technological change has never been technology itself, rather if has been the people affected by the changes. It can be unnerving for students who have only ever know traditional classroom. The challenge lies in trying to get them to digital ways of learning. • Distraction Learner is easily distracted by the social media notification and messages.
t is difficult for teacher to monitor her students so closely in online class as to determine whether they are learning or using the social media. • Low motivation Not everyone give their 100% on e-learning, they may be distracted busy, or simply unmotivated. Working towards any goal required dedication and motivation. The abstract nature of online learning, motivation goes down if you have already spent the day in doing lots of work. 

 • Mlearning In simple words, m learning is learning the content by using the mobile device. The most common way of using m learning is you create the learning material and share it through the email or by sharing the link by text messages. 
 • Micro learning Micro learning is the short and small videos, blog, audio clip or any things which provides the quick information to the learner but the micro learning is less effective to provide the complex information.
 • Game based learning Game based learning is the learning that occurs while playing a game. It is the best solution for learning the soft skills. Game based learning gives learners the opportunity to practice complex skills like decision making. 
 • Augmented reality Augmented reality is the merger of physical environment and computer generated virtual environment to produce a new visualisation. The augmented reality offers the opportunity to practice high risk training, medical training and 3D learning which are required the complex setup in a safe environment. 
 • Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence in digital learning provides the opportunity to develop more personalized learning experience. One of the main features of AI is chat bot which is answering the learner’s questions and suggesting them to other learning materials. CONCLUSION 
This article has reviewed the challenges and future trends of the digital learning. Nowdays online education is getting increased acceptance and most of colleges and universities are running the online classes but using the too much technology has also gained the privacy.

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