18 August 2020

Importance of communication for success in HR

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Communication is extremely important in human resources . It relays information from directors to employees. As this information pertains to company  policies  or  goals, it is extremely important and relevant.

Communication when done  effectively  increases  productivity,  which  benefits  employees  and  the  company.  Using good communication  can  boost  employee  morale  to  create  a  positive  work  atmosphere. One needs to keep  all  communication  professional  between  human  resources  and  employees.  Employees need to be always  feel comfortable, supported and respected. One should not micromanage employees  but  communicate  information  and  respect  the  professionalism  of  the  employee  to  execute  the  task.

Good communication  in  the  workplace  is  a sign  of  a  high-performance  culture.  Exchanging  information  and  ideas  within  an  organization  is  extremely important in any workplace.  Good and complete  communication  in  the  workplace  is  central  to  all  business  goals.  

Why  is  communication  so  important  in  the  workplace?

It  avoids  confusion

It  provides  purpose

It  builds  a  positive  company  culture

It  creates  accountability

Improving  communication  starts  at  the  top  to  meet  our  business  intent.  It is said often that proper communication  at  the  workplace  is  what  distinguishes  a  good  leader  from  a  great  one.  

Communication  at  workplace  defines  organizational  goals  and  helps  co-workers  collaborate.  This  is  an important  business  practice  for  a  committed  and  productive  workforce.  In  a  recent study,  communication  skills were ranked  twice  as  important  as  managerial  skills by companies.  Here  are  the  skills  look for in  new  employees,  ranked  in  terms  of  priority.

Oral  communication


Written  communication

Public  speaking

All of the above are extremely important in the communication field as different scenarios need different approaches.


It’s  vital  to  measure  communication  so  we  can  see  what  works,  what  doesn’t,  and  tweak  it  accordingly.  Workplace communication  is  important  to  our  growth  and the growth of the organisation. This is one of the most important aspects, especially in a dynamic, fast evolving digital world that is all around us.


We need to work on our communication skills to adapt well in our workplace. This is important for all, especially HR professionals as they need to set the culture of the organisation.


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