15 August 2020

New challenges, new solutions : Success in Digital India despite the pandemic !


We can see an ardent spike in the usage of social media to reliance on AI. For the lockdown period has opened new dimensions. It has built newer perspectives and made us realize the importance of the digital world.

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Some reports say mobile consumption has increased by 12%, from 23.6 hours per week to 26.4. In another area, social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. saw a spike of 87% in the usage.

Online gaming and working

While online gaming platforms witnessed a 26% rise in their usage as well, the major winners are video conferencing apps like ZOOM, Webex, Google Meet and so on.  For remote working has become a norm.  Apart from this, television, internet browsing and streaming platform have also seen a rise in viewership, according to many surveys.

Online  education

Many educational institutes across India are coming in the area online lectures and exams. This is bound to grow even further for there is access to global material and hence, the already digitized education medium is bound to grow

Along with teachers, students too are benefitting a lot by browsing and finding their answers online

Shopping online

Online shopping is becoming the trend with companies like Amazon offered the delivery of essential items, ensuring that people use this feature and stay at home.


Many medical checkups and therapy sessions provided online, helped many dealing with physical or mental illnesses. In fact, a report by Hindustan Times said that The Humsufar Trust, Mumbai saw a significant rise in calls and queries from the members of the LGBTQIA+ community and many who were dealing with depression sought help online.

Bringing people together digitally

The fact is the digital world brought people together, not only to fight a pandemic but to closely introspect the things that are generically taken for granted. It opened new dimensions, built newer perspectives and made us realize the importance of relationships, platonic or otherwise. It also aided the economy in its survival by not letting India go into a complete shutdown.

The future

As one can see, AI has been saving several industries and corporate houses. If used judiciously, it has the potential to harness newer paradigms for future.

For instance, Jharkhand 's initiative to create 'Co-Bots', high tech robotic devices that can transfer medicines and food to COVID-19 patients, is one of stellar examples.

Digital India

In the past few months, governments, businesses and other industries have witnessed the power of online platforms as it helped companied to sell and consumers to shop, pay bills, converse, entertain, educate and collaborate digitally

As per a Morgan Stanley report, India in a post-COVID-19 world, “could see a sharp increase in its shopping population, online penetration in grocery could finally inflect as e-commerce and new entrants make a bigger push in this category, digitization of small and medium business (SMB) enterprises could take centre-stage (and) investments in segments such as gaming, edtech, healthtech, and cloud could increase.”


When we become open to change, we do see many options around us. Let us embrace the digital platform to grow digitally, thus remaining independent always.


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