21 August 2020

Video marketing tools to zoom into digital success in 2020 and beyond!

Video marketing tools are now an important part of marketing because of the power of videos for content marketing.

We do know that images sell much more than text and videos with a message showing our message is the way to convey our message with the whole world as everyone does have digital access.

Videos can help you reach a larger audience, drive more traffic and increase engagement levels are brilliant at convert people into customers.

  • Social video draws 1,200% more people than image and text content 
  • Even in facebook, videos have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts
  • It is said, consumer video traffic will account for 82% of all Internet traffic
  • Fifty five percent people watch video online every day
  • Many mobile video viewers, in fact more than ninety percent of them share videos with others.


There are many video making tools we could explore. With this, we shall indeed more forward soon in the new digital world for without this we would be left behind.

Tools galore


There are many tools in the digital world today. We shall explore one of them in this post.


Creatorkit is a  marketing tool that will help you create animated videos, stories and ads that get results.

One of the great savers is their awesome range of Ad templates for social media. From Instagram to Facebook and more, these are a great asset when you want to produce captivating ads.


There are many more of course. The first step however is working towards changing our mindset to move digitally so that we could become more efficient. As it is often said, the first step is always the most significant and hence most important.

With 1.18 billion mobile phone subscriptions, 429.2 million internet subscriptions, 250 million social media users, India’s digital integration is one of the highest in the world.  The digitisation drive has fuelled the integration of businesses, industries and communities to create a digital ecosystem. It does look promising for the growth of this new sector  and suitable gifts in the near future.

All over the globe, the digital world is here whether we realise it or not. We definitely need to step in and also choose gifts that are appropriate for the new digital age.


New types of businesses

We can see anyone with an idea making inroads everywhere. Whether it the ‘Startup India’ movement initiative of the Indian government that has been very successful, each day, we see new  companies in the digital world come to life and begin operations in the industry. Some of them have seen great success in the Information Technology market right since they began. The main reason for this is the scope for businesses in the market.

Due to the digital domain, it has become comparatively easier as you can start your work right from your home or a shared workspace. Many of the new entrepreneurs are extremely talented, well versed with the markets and the evolving digital space, and are very efficient in terms of the work and functioning of their businesses.


The new wave

As highspeed internet is available everywhere. digital literacy is on a constant rise. This has made a huge number of people aware and proficient in the internet This is a new market and new era. Understanding this is very important for success everywhere.


It would help if all of us logon to the online world and then move forward to become global success stories. This is surely possible with the internet being accessible to all of us. This would of course be beneficial for our personal growth as well as our careers. For, we are as good as dead if we cease to think and by extension, learn. The new world encourages and makes it possible for us to be eternal learners and move forward. We all, whether students or professionals can begin any time to remain relevant and add more value to our own selves and that of our organisation.

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