26 September 2020

Amazon and Google are the new modern Takshashila and Nalanda University.. Join to succeed!

Learning is available for all everywhere now. This is why Amazon and Google are the new modern Takshashila and Nalanda Universities. There is no barrier for anyone here. So AI is what will make people learn online.

Ancient Indian institutes

Institutions of ancient India such as Takshashila, Nalanda,Vikramshila, Vallabhi, set the highest standards of multidisciplinary teaching and research and hosted scholars and students from across backgrounds and countries. These had many avenues such as mathematics, astronomy, metallurgy, medical science and surgery, civil engineering, architecture, shipbuilding and navigation, yoga, fine arts, chess, and more. .The world has now changed. Hence, we must adapt to the new reality. The government and the new education policy must help recruit the very best and brightest to enter the teaching profession at all levels, by ensuring livelihood, respect, dignity, and autonomy, while also instilling in the system basic methods of quality control and accountability. The new education policy must provide to all students, irrespective of their place of residence, a quality education system, with particular focus on historically marginalized, disadvantaged, and underrepresented groups. It is now AI with Google and Amazon that can make this possible.

The present of AI everywhere.

AI is now present everywhere. This is something we all need to make note of. Let us have a closer look at AI's future in education we turn to some industry insiders. 

 Sergey Karayev, Head of AI for STEM at Turnitin is clear that while AI may increasingly assist instructors in performing tasks that are mostly mechanical, for example, grading with helpful feedback, or identifying students that are about to struggle on a test. On the student side, AI will be able to provide increasingly complex services, such as suggesting ways to improve their writing, providing hints for solving math problems, and identifying specific gaps in their knowledge, he avers.

Dan Ayoub, General Manager for Microsoft Education says

“I expect we’ll see three things happen.

First, AI will continue to help students personalize their learning experience and ultimately, see better academic outcomes. Software like Office365 is already using AI to help improve students’ learning experience, but we’re only at the beginning of what’s possible. Today, tools like the editor in Microsoft Word use AI to scan students’ papers and make suggestions for more inclusive language and redundant words. “ He continues by saying even PowerPoint is also now using an AI-powered tool called Presentation Coach. He is clear that these types of naturally integrated AI tools will offer students more control over their learning experience, which boosts their confidence and overall love of learning.

Secondly, at an institutional level, he thinks we’ll see more and more universities using AI to track student performance and predict patterns, enabling the university to proactively address student needs, which also improves student retention rates.

Vishen Lakhiani, CEO of Mindvalley sees the future of A.I. as self-directed learning. He avers, “Students who embrace A.I. are casting aside more traditional, and often outdated curriculums, to pursue and plan their dream lives. They’re encouraged to create a vision for who and what they want to be in the world and what they want their relationships to look like. This is done by opening up people's eyes to the possibilities of the world and writing these down in some sort of platform. It then works backwards to create custom education to achieve that vision of who you want to be.”

Learning is a social process as you learn a lot from others: our brains have been set up to learn this way by looking at peers, repeating gestures, comparing experiences, combining ideas, trying and failing before succeeding, having pleasure and/or feeling the challenges in the process, etc. 

Indeed, we know that AI can augment human skills. We now know that AI+human based analysis is superior to AI alone or humans alone. 

Our views

We can see that all experts are clear that AI is surely going to be part of education. This will surely  enhance the value of education for both the trainers and students.


While people had to travel a lot in the era of Takshashila and Nalanda to learn, learning is available to everywhere at home itself in the new digital era. Our forefathers would have been pleased to see learning spreading everywhere, for sure. This is the best thing about the new, democratic and inclusive universities.

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