What makes Microsoft different from others and greatly successful ?

Microsoft Products and Services

Programmers use GitHub daily. People from all over the world use LinkedIn for their professional networking on a large scale. Big companies like Verizon, MSI Computers, and LG Electronics use Azure for their cloud computing services. The famous video gaming brand Xbox has over 90 million users. But do you know what is common between them? They are owned by Microsoft. Yes, many services we use in our day to day life is owned or developed by Microsoft. 

    Microsoft is a household name. People with technical as well as non-technical backgrounds are familiar with Microsoft. Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft on the 4th of April 1975. Microsoft was a short form for "Micro-computer Software". 

In April 2019, Microsoft became the third United States company to cross the market capitalization of $1 Trillion. Apple and Amazon were the other two companies that crossed the market capitalization of $1 Trillion. Before the corona virus pandemic Apple, Alphabet, and Amazon had a market capitalization over $1 Trillion. But due to the pandemic situations and economic consequences, all of them except Microsoft fell below a market capitalization of $1 Trillion, making it the most valuable company in the US market. 

    Microsoft stock prices had hit their highest in December 1999. Ever since then, till the year 2016, their stock prices have never managed to cross the 57.63 USD figure they achieved in 1999. But in the year 2014, when Satya Nadela was appointed the CEO of Microsoft, their business models and their priorities have changed a lot. In two years, the company managed to cross its all-time high 57.63 USD per share figure in August 2016. It managed to reach a rate of  57.93 USD. Ever since then, their stock prices have increased significantly to a price of 214.25 USD on the 4th of September 2020.

What makes Microsoft stand out from others is its ability to recover quickly and learn from its mistakes. Some examples of their worst failures are the windows phone operating system, Lumia Smartphone line-up, and the most hated Windows 8/8.1 OS. But with all this failure, they learned quickly and bounced back strong. From windows 8/8.1 they created the Windows 10 Operating System that might still not be as stable as Windows 7, but there are tons of new features, UI revamps, and with the continuous updates of Windows 10, it will soon become the best Windows version ever. The failure in the Lumia line-up resulted in the premium and sought after surface line of products like the Surface Pro Tablet, Surface Book, Surface Laptops, and the upcoming Surface Duo.

In the world of Desktop OS, Microsoft still has almost 80% market share combining all versions of the Windows Operating System. Windows 7 and Windows 10 are the most famous versions of Windows OS, while we can argue the third spot for Windows XP. The reason behind the growth of Microsoft in recent years is its diversified business model. The Windows OS is not an open-source OS like the Linux operating system, so people have to buy licenses for use, which is a small source of earning for the company. Office products like office 365 subscription, gaming solutions like Xbox one console and Xbox Live Subscription, intelligent cloud solutions by Azure, search advertising on Bing Search engine, Surface Products, Holo lens, and social media premium subscription on LinkedIn and Github generate a large chunk of the company's net worth.

Despite being one of the first tech companies to have a major impact in the computing world in the late 80s and 90s, Microsoft has always managed to be amongst the top.

What do we learn from Microsoft

The primary lesson we get from Microsoft is to keep innovating to remain on top. Leaders never rest, they keep moving.

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