22 September 2020

Zoom towards success combining psychology and digital marketing !

To be successful, digital marketers need to be excellent psychologists. Knowing what makes people tick and placing those psychological triggers in the right way can be extremely reach better marketing results.

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The following are some tips we could apply to your strategy as soon as possible to boost your digital marketing game.

1. Emotional Marketing

Emotional marketing approaches consumer on a personal level and focuses on the tone, lighting, and mood to increase loyalty and boost conversions.

We do know that consumers base their purchase decisions around feelings and emotions rather than the rational information of products’ features and attributes. Customers are  likely be loyal to brands that evoke positive emotional response. We could use this knowledge in your content marketing strategy and create content that:

– Inspires, creates excitement and interest.

– Reminds of special moments.

– Sparks conversations, reactions, and engagements.

2. Social Proof

Social proof is an important tactic for influencing and convincing customers.  This is social influence is based on the fact that people love to follow others. We tend to adopt the beliefs or mimic the actions of people we trust and admire. We could implement this in our marketing strategy by using:

– User-generated content, testimonials and reviews.

– Influencer marketing.

– Social plugins and sharing buttons.

We could use Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to make a mark in this area.

3. Grounded Cognition

Grounded Cognition is based in the principle that people can experience a story that they read, watch or hear as if it was happening to them. People tend to forget dry facts and figures. If we want our customers to remember our message, we could make a story to get across them.

We can boost your marketing by:

– Speaking to our audience in a friendly way.

– Telling the stories they can empathize with.

– Sharing a personal story or experience


4. Paradox Of Choice

We need to give people the freedom of choice as this can positively influence our marketing efforts. On the other hand,-  too many choices make people nervous and can negatively impact conversion rates. Psychology has shown that providing people with limited range of choices reduces customers’ anxiety and leads to better marketing results. We could use this knowledge and:

– Emphasize a few key points at a time.

– Create clear CTAs.

– We need to give our customers just two clear paths to follow.

The Paradox of Choice theory can be applied also if we wish to offer our customers a wider range of choices.

For example, Amazon offers millions of products. Still, they still manage to avoid choice overload. It’s done by highlight few different categories of products, with up to 7 product options each.


5. Information-Gap Theory

This theory says if we have to create a feeling of curiosity within our audience and give them information that meets their need for knowledge. An effective way we could incorporate it in our content marketing is by creating powerful headlines.

6. The Commitment and Consistency Theory

This theory states that if you make a small commitment to something, we are more likely to say yes to a bigger commitment in the future. We could start with small commitments like:

– Ask for customers’ contact details.

– Invite them to subscribe to a newsletter.

– Ask them to share our content on social media.

– Offer a sign up for an e-book or webinar.

This is already a small commitment the user makes towards the brand.

7. Loss Aversion Theory

This refers to the tendency of people to avoid losses rather than acquire gains. We could analyze our audience, learn their fears and create content that emphasizes benefits of your brand that eases those fears using tools like facebook, twitter. Youtube and Linked in.

Wrapping It Up

Using these theories, we could improve the success of your marketing messages without any additional technologies or big budgets.

Even digital tools like AI can help us here.  Enhancing user experience (UX) will be the glue that holds each of our strategies together. The fact is, there are many factors that directly influence the trust that your online store transmits and most of them depend entirely on you. One of those factors is security. And it is that someone who is willing to spend their money in your store providing you with sensitive information, will surely back down on their purchase if they do not appreciate that it is an online store with minimum security guidelines.

All changes when handled well can indeed become an opportunity. The digital world is here now. We do need to embrace it on computers, mobiles to become digital success stories using data too to understand our customer. With this, we can become victors in the game of digital transformation.

The mobile is yet another market all marketers should master. We need to know how it translates into action in terms of presence and breadth of mobile strategy, mobile ad spend growth and ROI tracked through mobile channels by companies and brands. 

As of now, just 25% of brands claim to have a mobile strategy and some out of this sparse statistic incorrectly believe  that simply having an app or a mobile-friendly website suffices for a strategy. 45% of companies choose to exhibit their content on desktop sites only and not on the mobile.

Things are changing now. For instance almost everyone has a mobile now and even does shopping from there.

With Corona, the situation has changed even more. With Covid 19 truly capturing everyone’s attention across the globe, one can also see many people trying their best to control in the best possible manner. The aim of course is to end the suffering. Business is also doing its best to make it easier for people to work, whether remotely or with all measures in place for keeping welfare of the employees as the most important factor. The challenge of course is both economic and biological. The challenge therefore does need to keep both factors in mind.

We do need to know that these theories can help you better understand our customers, so that we can reach out to them more effectively.

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