26 October 2020

Google My Business Complete Learning Experience with IDM for Success and Growth !


The internet has changed the way we all work and even live.  Google is one of the best and most used search engines in this world. Any sort of data and statistics can be uploaded and downloaded from Google within seconds. This is why everyone needs to understand Google to move forward in the internet world. It is now a necessity to do well in the digital world.

In fact, Google has now become even a kind of a verb in the English language. It signifies everything about search engines. Google has become a knowledge hub for all age groups. But what more do we know about Google rather than just being a search engine ? Google has expanded its boundaries beyond just being a search tool. Google provides mutiple services and products with a dyanamic range of content to create, advertize and sell at the same time. Google ads, google maps, google analytics, and much more services from creating a website upto marketing your products online, everything thing can be done via google if you have the correct training and guidance to know and learn about it. 

 Google My Business(GMB) is one of these features offered by Google to grow your business online. GMB is a very useful tool offered by Google to develop and grow the presence of your business online to most possible people. It is a free tool which can be used by any person around the globe to promote its business. GMB provides website link, map location of the business, products and service catalogues. Google My Business also gives the insights on the posts which are shared on GMB account which can help to create better ads and target the customers as per the views and market trends. I got to know how powerful tools google has to offer which common people are not even aware off. 

Institute of Digital Marketing(IDM) helped me with exploring and learning more about these tools. The learning and teaching process is completely different at IDM when compared to our schools and colleges. IDM focuses on Action. With their experience, they give many examples of real life cases also.

This enables learning rather than just explaining the content. While I was taught GMB At IDM they not only focused on the theory of the subject but also pushed me to perform and learn it practically. They helped me learn from the mistakes that were found while working on different taks and how experimental learning has helped me to overcome all those barriers. 

Under the proper guidance and teaching of IDM I was successfully able to pass Google My Business certificate Examination. IDM helped me in thinking bigger and outside the box. I am glad that I joined IDM to study and learn more about the Google tools for Digital Marketing. The world has now changed, so we need to change to keep pace with the change and move forward. This is what will be required by everyone soon and we need to be in the group of achievers and not losers in the digital world. 

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