15 January 2021

Use Digital Sales to move ahead and succeed

 Customers today have changed more than we realize.  Everyone access to information via social and digital channels, Hence, they use these channels to empower their decision making.  
The erstwhile days of sales professionals being gatekeepers of information are no longer relevant.

Hence, the primary query now if buyers have become more digital and sophisticated in their research and engagement capabilities, have sales people also accordingly become modernized?

For, if sales doesn’t become more digital, the people simply won’t be able to compete in the market today.  For, those who have access to information can make better and faster decisions.

So, what’s digital sales? It is using the digital media to scale relationship building using social and digital channels.  In addition to what you are doing, it complements it digitally.

Isn’t that what we all want for our business and sales teams? All we need to do is understand the new world and how it works, This is not all difficult. All one needs is passion and interest. The customer is after digital now so we need to understand him in the digital world.

Outcomes of the Digital world
We must realise outcomes improve with Digital Sales
Did you know that sales professionals that use digital strategies achieve sixty six% higher quota attainment than peers that don’t? (Source:  CSO Insights)

Deal sizes increase by twenty seven% compared to only traditional approaches. (Source:  IDC Research)

And most notably, sellers becoming digital generate forty five% more sales opportunities! (Source:  LinkedIn).

This mode of sales is easier and even more cost effective than traditional sales.

Digital skills are now needed by all to succeed in the world now as the world is completely digital!

The digital world is growing at a remarkably fast, It was just about 0% in 2005, then became 40% in 2020. Now, this type of marketing has become an integral part of marketing budgets and will soon overtake all other traditional channels of marketing.
Skills in the digital marketing sector are now in short supply. Our program bridges that gap and creates industry-ready candidates.
In our program, we start with the basics. After this, our students go further, with a level that includes current updates about digital technology. 

These skills are required by everyone all over the world. There are huge opportunities, and enormous requirement for such skills to drive the success of an economy. The internet penetration in the Indian online user base is larger than the U.S.
Our students are taught everything in digital marketing with our skill based practical approach. Our digital marketing course makes our students know everything about marketing in the new age by working on live projects. We give a WRITTEN ASSURANCE of job guarantee, as our clients are looking for such skills.

It is said when the world changes, we need to change ourselves accordingly. The world is indeed digital now so we must know what Digital Sales are all about.

Reinvent yourself. Joining us, the Digital Marketing experts now !

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