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25 February 2013

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22 February 2013

IIPM Controvery - Case Study - PR + Cyber Law Issue

Hi all

Probably members would have by now known from media about the blocking of 78 URLs by DOT, which are  critical of Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) and Arindam Chaudhuri, head of IIPM.  #IIPMand @IIPMScam have become trending topics in social media  in the past two days and continues even today.  

For the first time in India, strangely, one of the Government of India Departments (DOT) created a dubious history by issuing orders to block the URL of another Government of India body University Grants Commissions (UGC).  

In spite of the fact, IIPM is one largest spenders on Advertisements in the country, all the mainline  media have carried this information taking cue from social media.

IIPM controversy in 2005

Way back in Sept 2005, IIPM was in the midst of huge controversy.  When one of the bloggers wrote critical of IIPM, they issued an e-legal notice.  At that time, all the bloggers joined together bring out lot of articles which brought negative publicity to IIPM.  Even the mainline media picked up such stories to increase their ratings. 

Even in the past IIPM was not tolerant of criticisms.  They never took initiative to redress the grievances.  Their attempt to 'shut the mouth' boomeranged then.  It took a long time for them to get back to normalcy, that too after spending huge money on PR and Advertisement.

At that time, we even discussed in prpoint and image management groups as a case study.  Please click to read our discussions in 2005.

The present controversy

IIPM used to issue lot of advertisements in major mainline media spending huge money.  Those advertisements used to give an impression that IIPM is one of the big Universities in India.  Many students started writing on the various negative aspects of IIPM and their experience in their blog sites   Even mainline media like Rediff, Outlook, Indian Express, WJC, HT and many others have written stories about the woes of the students.

University Grants Commission (UGC), Higher Education Regulator of India through their 'Public Notice' in July 2012 clarified that IIPM was not an University under the UGC Act and they did not have any authority to grant or award degrees.    Please see this link.

(This is the link ordered to be blocked by DOT and at the time of my writing this note, it is yet to be blocked.  Education Minister has already written to DOT Minister to revoke this order.)

This notification of UGC and corresponding writings in the social media and mainline media seems to have irked Arindam Chaudhury, Head of IIPM.  It was giving him negative publicity.  He moved a court in Gwalior (details of the court not available) to block the 78 URLs which contained discussions on IIPM and Arindam Chaudhury.  This includes the URL of UGC Notification, mentioned above.

Immediately, Gwalior Court without calling for the other parties, issued orders to block these 78 URLs.

DOT's quick response

Cert-In of DOT is supposed to monitor the websites containing anti national sites and issue orders to block them.  In the earlier occassions, DOT was in controversy for blocking URLs which were not politically comfortable.  There are many anti-national sites which are yet to be blocked by DOT.  

When the Gwalior Court order was brought to the knowledge of DOT, immediately they issued notification, blocking 78 URLs, which had contents critical of Arindam Chaudhury and IIPM.  It is surprising that DOT did not notice  the URL of another Government body UGC, which was listed as first item in the list.  Many cyber experts question the motive of DOT in issuing this notification in a careless manner in a hurry, without even verifying the URLs.  

The notification was issued by the DOT on 14th Feb 2013.  Please see the notification in this link.

(Some of the URLs are yet to be blocked at the time of writing this note.  You can quickly go through these links to get the first hand idea of the contents.)

For the past two days, this is the hot topic in social media and mainline media.   This incident has two angles (1) PR issue of IIPM and (2) Cyber Law issue.  Let us analyse both these issues from the angle of IIPM, Court, DOT, etc.

From the angle of IIPM

IIPM is always known for knee-jerk reactions, as indicated in our first para.  They seem to be in-tolerant for the criticisms and reviews.  From the various writings in the social media, I feel that they are not transparent while marketing their courses.  Their marketing persons create huge expectations in the minds of students, which are not satisfied at the time of delivery.  Students write that IIPM is not transparent.  Instead of addressing these issues internally, IIPM chose to target  the social media writers through notices and legal actions.  Even in 2005, it boomeranged and IIPM got a nation-wide negative publicity. 

Though IIPM claims to be one of the top Business Schools for Management Education, they have not understand this basic lesson from the past.  Even in the current issue, they chose to block a Government notification and media reports.  If IIPM is aggrieved with the notification of UGC, they should have challenged the UGC notification  in the High Court or Supreme Court  with proper documentation.  Instead of resorting to this legal route, IIPM chose to block the UGC URL through a court in Gwalior.  We are unable to understand why they approached Gwalior Court, when their operations are mostly in major metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Pune.

Now this incident is debated more and more in social media among the youth, who are their prospective students.  The knee-jerk reaction and this unprofessional approach has created a 'PR-disaster'.  Like 2005, it may take long time for them to get back to normalcy.  

IIPM should learn a lesson from this incident.  Instead of blaming or threatening the critics, they should understand their genuine grievances and function more transparently.  

From the angle of Gwalior Court

We are unable to get more details about the proceedings, excepting that Gwalior Court has issued the order to block 78 URLs.  We are not sure whether the Court had enquired with IIPM, as to why they chose Gwalior Court to block the URLs.  We are also not sure how this Court had immediately issued orders blocking the URLs, without even taking into consideration that the first in the list was that of University Grants Commission.  This clearly indicates that the Court did not verify the contents or URLs before issuing orders.  In future, when such cases come up before the Courts, the Hon'ble Judges should take some more efforts before issuing the orders.  Presently, an ordinary citizen looks for such courts for his final remedy and solution.  Aam aadhmi should not lose confidence on judicial system by such orders, that has blocked the  Government URLs.

From the angle of DOT

Cert-In (DOT) has immediately issued the notification blocking the 78 URLs.  They can now argue that they acted on the basis of Court orders.  Even if there is a mistake in the Court order, it is the duty of the DOT to bring it to the knowledge of the concerned Court and rectify the order.  When one Government Department issues order blocking another Government Department, the world will laugh at us and it would make every citizen to hang his head in shame for such casual approach.  

Let us imagine a situation. If RBI issues a notification in their site, banning one 'Fake Finance Company', let us assume that the aggrieved finance company goes  to a small court in an insignificant and unconnected place and gets a court order to block the URL of Reserve Bank of India.    In that case, will DOT issue notification blocking RBI URL?  What DOT has done is something ridiculous and puts the nation  in shame and laughing stock.

It may be recalled, few years back one person got the arrest warrant against President of India, Chief Justice of India and the Speaker through a court in UP.  It was seriously debated at that time in all media, exposing the vulnerability of our system.   DOT should exercise more caution, before blocking the URLs.  It should not block the freedom of expression assured in our Constitution.  At the same time, they cannot close their eyes for any anti national sites. 


Freedom of expression is the right of every Indian citizen.  The organisations like IIPM shoud introduce more transparency in their system internally  to improve the confidence level of students and the public.  Instead of resorting to shutting  the voice, they should understand the voice and work on that.  

I request communication and cyber law experts to share their views.  

I am marking copy of this mail to Shri Subhodh Saxena, Director of DOT who has issued the notification blocking the 78 URLs.  If we receive any communication from him, we will share with the members.  You may also endorse your views to him, so that the Government gets the views of the aam adhmi like us.

Editor in Chief

04 February 2013

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3. Desired soft
4. Zinovo technologies

SEO company in Bangalore offers innovative and cost effective search engine marketing services and also Bangalore is one of popular state in India who provides well training courses based on internet marketing. some of popular and best internet marketing institutes and company are as follows.

1. web marketing academy
Internet Marketing, institute of digital marketing, http://digitalmarketing.ac.in
Internet Markerting Bangalore
We are devoted to excellence in teaching, training and to developing leaders in web marketing who make a difference in their career. In the past years, we’ve brought more than 1000 practical, hands-on training, conferences, panel discussion and seminars several times each month to small businesses and students in IIM Bangalore, Christ University and various universities. With a different topic and speaker each month, the sessions keep our members current with the latest online marketing strategies, tips, tools and trends.

WMA India provides practical hands-on training and education in SEO, PPC, Social Media, Web Analytics and Web Marketing Management Courses that makes you stand out. With each course you’ll get more than 40 hours of instructor led one on one training in Bangalore in what you need to plan, strategize and measure successful internet marketing programs following digital marketing industry best practices and work on real time live projects. Each Digital Marketing class is led by instructor who is an expert and practitioners in their respective fields.

2. Webbazaar
Webbazaar an ideal web style and SEO Company centered in Bangalore provides eye-catching website designs for all businesses with our expert number of website designers. To make visibility in the internet we offer SEO services.

Few more Internet marketing institutes & companies located at bangalore are as follow.
  1. Digital Marketing Training
  2. kangaroowings
  3. thinkvidya.com

1. Web Training Academy
Online Marketing hyderabad, institute of digital marketing, http://digitalmarketing.ac.inOur designer originally approved for few programs at other organizations and was very disappointed with the exercising provided by them. This motivated him to begin Own Training Colleges to give Authentic Visibility in topic. The reason for beginning our Colleges is to help learners acquire the know-how in the topic and properly secured a job. We first began our exercising services from Home Office in 2004. Full fledge IT Training Colleges and Development Center was began @ Dilsukhnagar in 2007. We are enthusiastic about Web and Software Technology, keep exercise on technology. Our instructors will provide professional exercising as per realtime requirements. We have provided many learners to begin their profession as separate workers and few learners has determined their own organizations.

2. Marvist
Marvist WebSolutions is a department of Marvist Talking to Pvt Ltd. Marvist WebSolutions provides Web online marketing strategy, internet seo, pay-per-click strategy management and other alternatives to help our customers provide more of their products and alternatives. Marvist also provides personalized company research and opponent intellect alternatives.
Marvist WebSolutions is a market On the online marketing alternatives company established with a objective to provide marketing alternatives that allow businesses to provide more of their products and alternatives quicker. Marvist WebSolutions’s goal is to ‘Enable our customer's company success through our On the internet Marketing Solutions’.

3. The AS Training

The AS Sessions is the training division of The AS Groups Our motto is “providing top quality useful subject for all students in cost-effective price”. Our course content are ready by AS Groups control based on today designs and requirements.The AS Sessions Are devoted to Web Creating, Web Development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Search Engine Marketing (Search engine Marketing), Joomla ! ! CMS training & software training organization in Hyderabad, Native indian by a qualified professional group team offering Academic establishing, Online, Business and Home-based Training. AS Sessions is training division of The AS Groups.We are the process of recognition and implementing latest value involved services for all our students.Our purpose is become best training organization of the country. To achieve our purpose we designed a base to our selves, primary elements are our students, clients and Professionals who move us to top and get it done. Already we are in success we have acquired but we are having complications quickly towards our purpose.

4. mercurydesign

Until a few in the last Hyderabad was known for three things: Charminar, Biryani and the Hyderabadi hindi. In the years following India's liberalization, Hyderabad has acquired quick improvement, soon creating itself as a middle of IT/ITes and other assistance areas. Other organizations have gone through a huge development in Hyderabad as well. There hasn't been a better time to obtain the city. So, as a business based in Hyderabad how do you attract more customers, investors and visitors?.A highly effective on the internet lifestyle is the key and Mercury's on the internet promotion, SEO, SMO and other solutions provide the complete system to achieve your positioning in the web area as a industry head. We are a significant on the internet promotion company based in Jaipur, Native indian providing multi-channel internet promotion and promotion provides to customers across the wide range.

5. Webdizer Software Solution

Webdizer Program Solutions is an offshore web development and application development company in Native indian that makes your connections and deal on the On the internet more effective and useful. We make sure this through appropriate content and appropriate Internet sources,sufficient enough to reach far and wide market segments.Webdizer Program Solutions alternatives make use of strong industry abilities in the Market, specific abilities in major On the internet technology and a cost-effective globally alternatives submission design. The options are provided under the aegis of our gadgets and e-business techniques. We have been improving impressive and cost-effective techniques to the Worldwide market segments. At Webdizer you can shop for an range of web based alternatives and development support, which may include evaluation, application development and maintenance. With an excellent popularity in the globally industry and our lifestyle in the family companies are in the same way laudable.

6. SEO Ruchi

SEORuchi is a professionally managed SEO and On the internet Promotion company. We are offering online marketing and Search Engine Optimization services for last 5 years. We offer complete SEO support with guarantee of result, form Hyderabad, Native indian.We provide information online online search engine submission, information record submission, quality back-link creating, writing and article promotion and news release support. SEORuchi has experts with good experience to perform SEO and back-link creating task completely according to your need.Join SEO And Web Promotion Exercising With Remain Project Hyderabad @ SEORUCHI. Our trainer is Best in SEO , SMO, PPT, Goggle adword, adsence and associated marketing. We give training on Remain Project. All student get On the internet access and computer to practice . 100% placement support. 

7. Bitra Web media

About Bitra Web Media...
BitraWebMedia is the On the internet Marketing division of BitraNet Pvt Ltd, recognized in 1996 to provide the needs of Web Design, Development and Web ERP Programs Development.Bitra Web Media is a young and highly effective on the internet marketing company assisting method and business to build and recognize their on the internet retailers.Our objective is to drive in pre-filtered traffic appropriate to the products or services provided there by assisting the opportunities of changing your focused audiences to brings, enhancing opportunities of sales.We do practice SEO (Search Motor Optimization) as a part of our daily professional work by constantly creating and analyzing ideas about statistics and aspects that effect search engines look for and buyer experience by affecting changes to websites.

8. Pravalika Technical Solution

Welcome to Pravalika Specific Alternatives, one of the premiers I.T. solution suppliers in Native indian. At PRAVALIKA progression is a way of life, and technical progression is but an development of the human intellect. Pravalika Specific solutions is a significant on the internet marketing and web variety of Native indian offering your entire set of on the internet company marketing specifications, from idea development to sector web variety. As the top seo company in Native indian, we have the potential to add a whole new measurement to your sales design.With professionals who are professionals in their areas and are advised with leading-edge technical progression, we discover all the significant factors of company information technology…from customized software to web web variety, seo to search engines look for motor marketing.Being one of the most unique website creating companies in Native indian, our concentrate not only generating the best looking sites, but also offering access to some of the best advertising with our top quality SEO team. Our innovative website creating team think about sites with the most novel features while our seo professionals makes sure that your site is on the top results of search engines look for.

More Websites of the Online Marketing Hyderabad

1. Web Onders
2. Amurainfotech
3. Hyderabad Social Media Digital agency
4. Creative world
5.Capo it Solution
6. conquerorstech
7. Keyep It Solutions
8. The AS Group
9. SEO Labs
10. Webfx

1. SEO Institute Delhi
Well, you may be a undergrad doing Finishing or Post Finishing Stage. Or you may have completed these stages & looking for a job? But the job offered is not what you thought of ?

2. Wings IT Solutions
Pizzas IT Solutions provides the best SEO Training in Delhi through its top WEB SEO Training Organizations centered in Delhi NCR. We offer not only professional SEO applications althrough provides SEO organization to people and organization man. Each professional certified by us is operating in Online Marketing Company. 
SEM, Search Engine Marketing, Institute of Digital Marketing, http://digitalmarketing.ac.in/
SEM Training Delhi
The SEO course offered by us provides its students complete and thorough details of SEO and Online Marketing, which is essential for the success of organization online. Information and understanding of the details of search engines and the SEO capabilities that the course generates assures apparent understanding of seo. Web Seo Training Organization is 24/7 institution for Online Marketing and SEO applications in delhi. We provides the best studying SEO, Search Engine Marketing, PPC, Social Media Optimization in the place through genuine get in touch with with remain projects under assistance of our SEO professionals. 

3. Multi Vertex
We are a group of Search Engine Optimization, PPC, SMO, Web Design & Development professionals. We are into Exercising, IT & organization alternatives.
Having more than 5 years of industry experience we are pleased to annouce our own organization & training center in Delhi city.

4. Training globe
Training globe is the one of the top On the internet marketing training organization based in Native indian. Traininglobe was incorporated in the year of 2010 and has a lease of evangelizing excellent training in the area of On the internet marketing, Business marketing, Price accounting & Techniques. Traininglobe has been particularly recognized by people with an extra-ordinary viewpoint, Market luminaries who have also made path-breaking initiatives to the areas of ideal marketing and digitalization of marketing media.With digital marketing resulting in 23% of complete worldwide marketing currently and large increase in the arrive at of social media the effect of digital media now is questionable even more than that of the conventional indicates of marketing and marketing like guides and guides. Many companies have now identified the value of digital media but because of non-availability of proper knowledge and indicates they cannot use it successfully to promote their brand. We here at training world practice people on the various sources, concepts and programs of digital media, business marketing, cost accounting & strategies with the objective to help them gain skills in the use of these sources in a brief time.

5. Inspiring Innovation
We Innovic Local indian native Pvt. Ltd. like to present ourselves as the company providing Hands on Genuine Training cum Placement Program in Impressive Commercial & Process Computerized. Innovic Local indian native Pvt. Ltd. has wealthy experience in providing automated alternatives to programs like Tangible, Power, Food Managing, Plastic, Drugs Machineries, DG Computerized, Complete Management, Content Managing, Vehicle, Ash Managing etc. In order to provide development sector's demand for experienced specialized recruiting in high-end technological innovation, Innovic established the Training Division that imparts innovative technological innovation exercising, currently, in the areas of control methods, instrumentation specialized methods, electrical methods and involved methods. Innovic also provides customized exercising to business all over the world. Innovic's common exercising technique and focus on realistic exercising has served it gain strong hold in Local indian native industry. 

6. Best SEO Training Institute
 Kareer plus Infotech, is the top IT organization in Native indian and from the very beginning of our growth we are into the Look for Motor promotion Support. Through our ongoing extensive R&D projects and a single-minded focus to take a position above consistently increasing look for upgrades, we keep stay a trend-setting head in the area of SEO. We are efficient by the different greatest companies in the Native indian and these days our item is a efficient item for even method and companies.Our individual full fledged Look for Motor Marketing training Organizations is the first seo training organization designed for people with little or no consider your experience with SEO or SEM.  It also has a particular credentials program for existing SEOs to make sure they have most existing and appropriate capabilities. The SEO and Search Engine Marketing applications offered by us provide students finish and thorough information of different factor of Look for Motor Marketing SEM, which is essential for the success of organization online. Information and understanding of the details of search engines and the SEO and SEM capabilities that the course generates assures clear understanding of seo.

7. SEO Certification
SEO and as web promotion Universities we at www seocertification.org.in a item new venture of webcraft program an ISO 9001-2008 certified organization as well as seo on-line exercising institure who provides organization exercising on SEO to the organizations who desires to be Qualified their employees concerning seo. We usually furthermore provides several sessions or sessions at any school In Delhi . As everybody is aware of of that SEO is currently one in every of the growing organization. We've a qualified number of schools handling within the place of SEO, therefore if you're a organization, little workplace, or any school and wish to arrange a category on SEO be at independence to contact us.

Look for Motor Promotion or SEO is process of promotion sites and sites on Look for Google like Google, Google & Google to get a higher position searching results placement. Our SEO Training Course also contains the subject of Community Media Promotion so that one can create conmmunities around the item and then link them straight to the item. Community Media is used to promotion many products and is displaying to be very impressive device for online marketers.

More websites of the SEM Training in Delhi
1. Uday Pratap Singh SEM Institute
2. TrainingLobe
3. SEO Training Academy
4. Kcreationz
5. Kangaroo Wings
6. Omti Web Marketing Simplified
7. SEO Training Institute in Gurgaon
8. Best SEM Training Institute.

1. Softwaretntra
Welcome to Program Tantra Software Tantra is professional web page developers in Pune Established during 2009 , devoted to provide excellent solutions in Standard web site design, Website design, Wordpress platforms Development, Joomla ! ! Development, Seo, Symbol, ERP, CRM, Customized Program Creating and in Web 2.0 application developing.
We are one of the top web design companies in Pune. We are having experts in the area of web hosting, online seo and book solutions. Who Keep on exploring in various new upgrades and solutions in the web technology.

2. MasterWorks Technologies

We at Masterworks, are devoted to Digital Marketing. We are beneficial, straight-talking professionals who will put your products or services at the front side side of interested customers and get more traffic to your website

3. Return on web
Come back On Web is a complete service online seo (SEM), seo (SEO), integrated online promotion and IT services company centered in Pune, Native indian.Return On Web group has a mix of technologists, strategists, developers, developers, and assistance in Fund, Information Techniques and Management..

4. Netguru Solutions
We are not just another growing design house. We provide a wide range of solutions starting from the very main like web design and design to impressive and complicated development like Search Engine Optimization, Web Promotion, and Promotion Solutions. 
Online Marketing pune, institute of digital marketing, http://digitalmarketing.ac.in
Online Marketing Pune

5. Alchemist software
Alchemist Program is a fast growing and future web development, design and programs development company offering unique solutions, first - category items and excellent and cost-effective solutions. We practice quality in everything we do, our powerful and knowledgeable control group works with and delivers a number of extremely bright, young, knowledgeable and amazing software experts to provide products and solutions of worldwide specifications.

6. Future Technocraft
Future TechnoCrafts is a Native indian based Web Creating & Development, SEO - Search Engine Marketing, E-commerce Solutions, Software Development, 2D - 3D Activity, Multi-media, Social networking Solutions and Professional Services offering Company.

7. Resonate wbsolutions

Talk out noisy means “produce or be loaded with a deep, full, reverberating sound.” In organization terms, it could simply mean to talk out noisy your organization in the present aggressive market. One of the very important strategy contains getting online and making a strong lifestyle in the world wide web.

Resonate Web Solutions is ideally best for complete up this gap and provide our skills in creating, managing and looking after your online lifestyle right from recognition and symbol methods to web style, creating wordpress platforms systems based cms websites to supercharging your organization on social media systems like Facebook or myspace or fb, Twitter posts, LinkedIn and more.

Moreover, Talk out noisy is also creating group website sites that allows local small busines owners and experts to promote and improve their services through free and top quality results.

More websites of the Online Marketing In Pune

1. Online Marketing pune
2. Dimakh Consultant
3. Web Design and SEO Company in India
4. Auctus system 
5. Alza Management Institute
6. School of digital Marketing
7. Brainpulse Technologies
8. Freelancer SEO
9. SEO Pune-Digital Marketing

10. Seo Pune

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