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22 October 2013

Twitter is basically a social networking site that enables the users to send and read text messages also known as 'tweets' in twitter language. Twitter characters are only limited to 140 characters. It was created in the year March 2006 and the site was launched in July 2006. You can follow your favorite film stars , sports person , leaders or your role models and see their views or comments via tweet. There is also an application for twitter on smart phones through which people can tweet via smart phones or with the help of their laptops or PC's. It provides with the facility of updating your profile i.e. putting a profile picture and giving a small description about yourself which can be edited anytime.

         Apart from these features twitter has some advantages which are as follows :

1. You can be getting in touch with your peers and even strangers.
2. You can learn about new products.
3. You can be updated with current and breaking news.
4. You can enjoy someone's newly created website.
benefits of twitter - lokesh raghani
5. You can write about anything by using your right of speech.
6. You can send your message to the whole world, via twitter where millions of people can hear your message.
7. Twitter is a great place for your self-promotion.
8. You can kill your some time, and at the same time you can make some money with this great site by promoting some goods or services.
9. People are using this great platform to find, connect and interact with minded people and celebrities.
10. You can find potential customers for your business or services.

    Many people tweet to drive the traffic to their website or blog. Its a great source for talking to strangers. Every public tweet is indexed by search engine like Google and hence it is a very good tool for Search Engine Optimization. Customers can complain if they don't like a particular service so that the service providers can see it and improve their selves and is also a great platform for sending a quick message to your followers. 

21 October 2013

We all know that digital marketing is a way of marketing your products and services through electronic devices such as computers , tablets , televisions and smart phones. Internet marketing and Search engine optimization are the most important elements of it. Digital marketing is the activity of promoting , advertising and selling your products and services using digital distribution channels. Like traditional marketing , digital marketing is highly result driven and sets objective practice.
          In addition there are some advantages associated with it which are as follows :

  • It acts as a boon for marketers because one of the greatest hindrances of traditional marketing is the lack of mass reach.
  • It drives engagement i.e. it creates exciting , consistent , connected web experience.
  • Helps in monetizing which means it enriches experience through e-commerce and advertising revenues.
  • It is completely cost effective as compared to traditional marketing and has a 24 x 7 reach.
  • It has a potential market which today has an access through phones , cyber cafes and personal computers to literally millions of email and mobile campaigns.
    benefits of digital marketing - lokesh raghani
As digital marketing also includes use of computers it works well with social media networks. Though impersonable , it communicates well with niche or the target market if execution is done properly. Campaigns can be easily adjusted or scaled up and down.

           It provides additional branding and promotion for your company product and also in digital marketing is easy to measure the success of the campaign for example through analytics. Today various industries are dependent on technology. A recent forecast suggest that 25 percent of companies will plan to hire a chief digital officer by 2015. It enhances your relationship and credibilty with among the audience and peers.

           Apart from these digital marketing has a wider geographical reach , more flexibilty for respondents and less expensive added to less time consuming.
It has a potential market which today has access through phones, cyber cafes and personal computers to literally millions of email/mobile campaigns.It has a potential market which today has access through phones, cyber cafes and personal computers to literally millions of email/mobile campaigns.

10 October 2013

LinkedIn has been creating buzz in social media circles for many years now, however many businesses are yet to fully capitalize on this tool for their online marketing and promotional needs. As the largest professional network in the world, LinkedIn offers companies plenty of advantages. Like many social media tools, companies can use LinkedIn to not only promote themselves, but establish connections and build relationships. The site has more than 120 million members, making it an ideal platform for companies to recruit top candidates, showcase their culture and demonstrate their expertise.

Expand Marketing - Each LinkedIn company page has a dedicated section for you to promote your products and services. In this space you can provide detailed information about your offerings and provide links to your website for more information. To better target your audience, LinkedIn allows you to create custom campaigns based on industry, title, location and other segments.  

Access Expert Advice - LinkedIn’s latest release, LinkedIn Answers, aims to facilitate information and idea-sharing online. In brief, the product allows you to post business questions to both your own network and the greater LinkedIn community. However, even before the introduction of this feature, LinkedIn was commonly used for 'knowledge sharing'. Users have always been free to use their mailbox to pose questions to connections and the multitude of groups on LinkedIn serve as forums for the discussion of many industry topics.
A Blog Promotion Tool - If you or your business has a regularly updated blog, LinkedIn is a great way to share and promote it. Users are able to add a blog or website to their individual profile in order to give it exposure.

Recommendation - Another useful tool for businesses is the recommendations feature. Once you have added products or services to your company profile, you can request recommendations from your customers. Recommendation is the ultimate way to boost your company’s credibility and gain new clients.

linkedin advantages - siddheshwar bhagunde

05 October 2013

Marketing and advertising of products and services has taken a new Dimension with entry of Video tools, in which business create 2-5 minute short videos. 
These videos are then uploaded to various video sharing websites like YouTube for distribution and exposure, incorporating videos in your marketing campaigns whether to promote your company , product or services.

It serves as an alternate medium for businesses to convey their message to a wider audience, and get more exposure. Being an audio-visual medium, articles turned into videos also reduce the time required to read the articles. 

Videos are becoming more and more popular as companies try to leverage rich media content into their marketing efforts. Marketers can gain a lot of speed with just one video by incorporating it into all your marketing channels. Also video can increase your Google ranking, open rates, click through rates and more.

Some of the advantages of video marketing are

  • Customers spend most of their time watching videos.
  • Video is shared easily and frequently.
  • Video entertains, educates, and inspires.
  • It allows for feedback & interaction like people love to comment on videos, and that's where we can learn more about our consumers. 
  • It is measurable & cost effective.

Some  interesting facts about video marketing
  •  videos are a perfect tool for attracting visitors to your site and telling them about the key benefits and features of your product.  videos can clearly articulate your service or product in less than a minute or two. And since video allows people to acquire more information in less time compared to reading, you get a great chance to win these critical 10 seconds and capture the users’ attention
    • Video viewers are 1.7x more likely to buy
    • 95% of customers believe that video helps them make purchase decisions
    • 72% of shoppers are more likely to buy a product after watching an explainer video about it
    • 57% of consumers are ready to trust the companies providing videos about their products
    • 75% of B2C marketers and 90
      Video Marketing is Performance Marketing
      % of B2B marketers use video in their marketing strategies
    • 51% of marketing experts chose video among other types of content as having the best ROI
    • Social videos are shared more often than text and images combined – by 1200%!

Marketers normally make use of video marketing  , increases conversion & sales. Before the use of video marketing was not to a great extent because of some myths such as it is complicated , expensive , technical etc. but now its completely the opposite...people turn up to video marketing because it gives good exposure to the product or company and has a wide reach.

It should attract the prospects back to your website and free information should be given to them in exchange of their contact details. Video marketing is a content marketing cornerstone, and an integral aspect of brand reach, influence, experience. With video marketing your brand can reach a targeted consumer audience with relative ease.  And by properly taking advantage of social media, distribution channel and keyword targeting, your priority demographic audience can be engaged with near-surgical precision. 

Some of the sites for video marketing are Youtube , Dailymotion , Livevideo.com , Metacafe , Vimeo etc.

12 September 2013


Interviewer : What are your hobbies ?
Candidate{obese} : Cricket , Basket ball , Football ,Volleyball etc .I play all sorts of sports.
Interviewer : Are you really a sportsman ?
Candidate{obese} : Ohh! yes sir I have all my game saved on my "PC"
'Interviewer Faints'
The society might face such a problem as more and more kids are getting attracted towards PC games and other games online because of which they have started ignoring outdoor sports and other social activities.
These games are so addictive that people end up playing the same game throughout the day. Spending many hours in front of the monitor and not going out enough could also cause social problems thus resulting in them becoming shy and introvert. Though the games do provide certain benefits , the question is how much and is it really worthwhile.
In few years the society is going to face such a serious problem , where the playgrounds will be alloted to the builders and youngsters would be breaking records in online games.
As scientists says "We humans do have a tail bone but no tail, that is just because it is not used" , similarly in few decade human would have only 4 fingers without a 'pinky' as it is not used at all for any kind of a physical activity".

                                                                                                                      - Abhishek Sheth

Bright Future Lies Ahead…

Mobile continues to be a key and growing strategy for many companies as browsing information, shopping and networking all go mobile. The growing percentage of internet traffic from various devices by itself should be convincing for marketers to increase their mobile marketing budget. As the technology becomes more and more advanced,
Vaibhav Kubadiamarketing will become more integrated and real-time and marketers have much to look forward to in 2013 and beyond. So there is no doubt that 2013 will be another booming year for the players in mobile system.
The marketing expression has changed with the introduction of innovative digital marketing techniques. With great presence of smartphone utility businesses have made smartphones & tablets as their core business branding and marketing strategy.
People are increasingly choosing to surf the web, not with a laptop or desktop, but via their smartphones or tablets, or both. Consumers are spending more media time on mobile web and apps than any other traditional mediums. This signifies that brands have to embrace mobile & 2013 will see more smartphones and more tablets with exciting innovations.

As mentioned in the statistics of 2013 edition of the TomiAhonen Almanac, the revenue generated by mobile industry in 2012 was more than $1000 billion alone from the services like voice calls, messaging and data services. These statistics show that mobile industry has become one of the largest revenue generating industries.

With an optimistic eye towards the future, here are few key mobile trends for marketers to grab opportunities in the coming year:
  • Emergence of new mobile Oss like Ubuntu is said to launch its mobile OS and Mozilla will be launching another smartphone OS later this year.
  • With the rise of Smartphone utility, businesses have made mobile ads as their core business branding and marketing strategy by offering special discounts, mobile coupons, mobile shopping etc. with targeted advertising. This trend will further grow in 2013 with retailers looking at new ways to attract and retain customers.
  • Social media integration also assists in converting prospects to leads.
  • Consumers are increasingly & more commonly using smartphones to access local information such as restaurant searches, ATMs, Fuel stations etc. This trend will continue to expand to other services as well.
  • Most of the devices have a GPS transmitter and can track where users are when they post online. This offers huge opportunity for targeted marketing based on their travel and location patterns.

We are shifting to a mobile first world i.e. always connected and never before have advertisers been this close to so many consumers who reach for their mobile device first and last order of the day – we sleep with our phones close by, and keep them on and in our pockets throughout the day, 7 days a week.
2013 is time to test and learn and to embrace mobile strategies throughout the purchase funnel. Target, engage, showroom, drive action, convert, improve, repeat!

Engagement of mass to their smart phones especially teenagers: http://ijustdid.org/2013/09/understanding-the-millenials/#!

                                                      BLOGGING TRENDS 2013

As blogging started, it was mainly a platform for personal expression. A blog was meant to be an online diary or a journal for those who wanted to express themselves online. Over the years it has emerged as one of the most powerful means of sharing information on the internet. Blogging has emerged as a specialized industry in itself and is increasingly being used by individuals and enterprises for establishing and enhancing their online presence.
Blogging trends can shows how many people read your posts, how people responded to your posts, and whether or not readers share your content with others, hence business owner who uses blogging to communicate with customers must be aware of current trends.

In-Depth Content - It’s no longer enough to only give importance to technical search engine optimization or write one-paragraph posts that don’t provide any detail about your topic. If you want people to share your content, you must write in-depth posts that demonstrate your expertise. In-depth posts that explain your thoughts will help you get more customers than short posts that barely provide precise information about the topic. If you’re not sure what to write about, try writing top 10 lists, summarizing recent news in your field and explaining how it will affect your customers or reviewing books relevant to customer’s interests.

Analytical Targeting -The use of advanced analytics to increase visibility in every area of blogging has gone from being an optional technique to an absolute must. The use of quality content posts shaped by analytics feedback is a path to marketing success. Insights into your audience demographics and their unique tastes gathered by Google Analytics and other platforms can help any blog to find an edge in an increasingly crowded market.

Mobile And Social Bond - Mobile Internet traffic has grown from immensely over years. To put it simply, people are increasingly choosing to surf the web, not with a laptop or desktop, but via their smart phones .The use of mobile devices to consume blog content online is on the rise.

Info-graphics - Content is not just the words you write in your posts. The term also refers to pictures, and other methods of communicating information to your readers. The truth is most people don’t want to read a block of text that is not supported by the inclusion of a picture. Try creating infographics and adding them to your posts. Infographics are just visual representations of data. They can be charts, graphs, or pictures that you have edited to include text. These graphics make it easier for some people to understand your information, so they are a great way to get readers engaged. It is also very easy to share infographics on Pinterest and Facebook, making it more likely that your readers will share your content with others.

08 September 2013

07 August 2013

02 April 2013

1. SEM Web Services
SEM Services, Institute of Digital Marketing,http://digitalmarketing.ac.in/
SEM Services
SEM Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an Regional local indian local SEO Organization based at Anand Vihar, New Delhi. The SEM Web Solutions group contains certified experts and the organization is enhancing by Mr. Pankaj Gupta. Gupta is a effective Online Marketing Advisor and Business owner. He has an comprehensive experience in Weblink Developing and Look for Motor Marketing and now provides his Look for Motor Marketing Solutions through SEM Web.Mr. Pankaj Gupta began his profession in online marketing in 2005, originally as a web weblink designer. He successfully designed an organization customers and was thus able to found SEM Web Solutions in This period 2007. Currently, Pankaj Gupta features more than 200 sites. Pankaj is well-acquanited with Phil Hagans, one of the control of the Weblink Developing Industry.

2. SEM Service India

SEM Assistance Local Indian native is an on the online promotion company concentrating in the Google look for motor based promotion.
With annoying majority of web clients using the Google to get anything and everything, these present a big chance of the companies to get the market segments for their products and solutions. We try to make use of this chance of meeting the company goals of our clients.
With its primary concentrate on the SEO and PPC methods, the two most efficient online seo methods, SEM Assistance Local indian native drives the google look for motor traffic to the customer's site, increasing the chances of generating more delivers and assisting the company delivers.
While our on the online advertising models would generate more interest for your company from the Google look for motor clients, our efficient and professional web style solutions would bring about enhanced conversions- changing the visitors into actual clients. We use the latest technology for the style and development of the websites with concentrate on inculcating all those components which make it search- motor friendly.

3. DRC System

DRC Techniques is a personal system growth system under the banner of Dharmanandan Number of organizations with a main focus on supplying the overseas system growth needs for the clients in USA, European countries, North america and the america and Contemporary Sydney. The IT alternatives and services provided by us mainly focuses primarily on conference the client's requirements and believe in providing best value for money to our clients with penny percent fulfillment. Resilient connections in common business advantage is our slogan and we would confirm pleased clients at the end of the day.
Enhanced performance, cost-effective alternatives, quality, responsiveness, rate and boosting are some of you will that would help our clients to sketch competitive benefits over others. With all type of functions in place, appropriate experienced resources and prospective to be successful, we at DRC are able to provide the system growth tasks in PHP, .Net and free technological innovation.

4. splashsys

SEM, Search Engine Optimization, is definitely one of the most important ways to improve a company's online advertising models. If it is done logically, it can significantly improve modification rate and the come back on your investment methods for any business.We have designed a series of amazing and amazing promotion solutions that are concerned with your online product positioning. These solutions are extremely amazing and are improved in every way to attract targeted, qualified visitors to your site and push-up the delivers, income and income. We guarantee that you will absolutely like the results we provide.

 5. Info Search

Infoesearch is an organization to assign certain alternatives like interpretation and details outsourcing. As everyone may be aware, interpretation industry has taken everyone by climate offering range of alternatives in the area of medical care, typical, organization, lawful and closed captioning that there is hardly an industry which does not require any of such alternatives.
Infoesearch is an outsourcing organization to assign several alternatives, getting them quality analyzed before offering to their clients. Considering the value of perfection required – whether in details outsourcing or interpretation, Infoesearch assures to show before purchasing the features to get the deliverables to the biggest accuracies for biggest submission to the clients.
Transcriptions Services: In interpretation such as typical, medical care and organization, Infoesearch has been experiencing a popular part in making best interpretation alternatives to the clients all over the earth.

6. Best Rank internet presence Managment

Each client we execute with is different and needs a unique way of generating results, but our purpose is the same for everyone: Best Rank’s purpose is to produce appropriate, fantastic guests to our customer's websites and convert that guests into organization value.

More Website of the SEM Services

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6. Axis Softtech
7. Measured SEM
8. AbacusDesk
9. Hyphen Technologis
10. SEO Majesty

01 April 2013

Institute of Digital Marketing, http://digitalmarketing.ac.in/, Social Media Marketing Pune, Social Media Marketing, social media training mumbai
Social Media Training
1. buzzfactory
BuzzFactory started off in Apr 2009 as small team of highly passionate writers and web marketing professionals who have experience in launching products and websites on the web from the starting, building maintainable traffic and customer participation through content marketing and community social media.Over the initial years it’s quickly acquired in reputation among customers and the community social media fraternity modifying into a complete online marketing and community social media company. With a clear understanding of marketing, business, impressive & popular content, google, community social media, creating on the online relationships, web products, technology and connections, BuzzFactory makes the perfect associate to help you build your own audiences online drive the daily activity required to create a strong web lifestyle.

2. masterworks

Masterworks Technological innovation is a web design and development organization based in Pune, Native indian. It was identified during 2009 and since that the been consistently improving and doing your best in the alternatives it provides. Availability to a discuss of incredibly experienced and well-trained experts allows us to reach an awesome quality/cost trade-off and stay competitive on the worldwide industry.But these initial conditions are not sufficient to maintain competitors that we succeeded in. The key to our success can be discovered in our powerful understanding of 2 key aspects for effective projects — ideas and stability. Only when they meet, you get effective web alternatives for company development. Nothing is so worthy in the unique globe as ideas. We see them as the main product of our execute. Only the best and most recommendations have the right to be used. To create ideas execute, professional capabilities and details are needed. We have both. We put the Web to execute for you.

3. sovereign

What does the phrase "Sovereign" actually mean anyway? According to Wikipedia,"A individual who has selected concentrate rather than conformity"
We fulfillment ourselves on our capability to make alternatives to others' issues in the best and quickest way possible. We have an excessive concentrate on growth and sustain the biggest stage of particular information in our market.We see the earth as a continually changing program, contains actual and sensible sub-systems, aspects and connections. To us, "Software" is usually another element of the same program, with a exclusive prospective to impact and accomplish the execute of other components (people, companies, other program systems). We are enthusiastic about developing program techniques Company(read "Solutions"), because we have discovered it the quickest and most versatile way of changing our earth's activities for better.

What does this mean to you? When you connect with Sovereign you put at your relaxation a variety of amazingly knowledgeable, Expert Level Certified and Ms approved designers. All our group have successfully provided several tasks over many decades of growth encounter, and as such have the capability to see alternatives others cannot.

This allows us to provide alternatives in smaller interval, enabling Sovereign to provide amazing price benefits to our customers. If you are wanting to get to know us more and discover out collaboration possibilities, we'd really like to concentrate on from you - let us know a little bit about how we can help and we will be in contact.

4. skovian
Established this year, Skovian Projects is an Internet marketing company with experience in Web site design, Search Engine Marketing, SMO, E-commerce sites and Specialist. The dedication to quality and our specialised of providing relaxing concepts have made us popular amongst our current customers. Our abilities lie in our skilled experts and their behaviour. Currently, based out of Pune, Indian, Skovian is already recognizing provides from customers offshore. Our perspective is to identify programs across the planet which will help us provide the services of customers everywhere.

5. onesturn

A individuals Turn is an organization which helps in offering out the unseen abilities, progression and generating Entrepreneurs/Businessmen across Native indian. Somebody's Turn sets up a conference that joins the gap between designers and investors. Makers consist of students, method and small companies (SME), pensioners, regular women, managing and non workers and passionate people. Creator here not only means a person who can create something but also the one who views that a particular organization plan/project has huge need in the market or has huge market potential.

There is no age bar or qualifications bar to subscribe in the event. If you have a technique then we have a base for you. Somebody's Turn will technique various organizations, people across the nation and collect projects/business applications, out of which top 20 applications will be raised to your candidate and given an possibility to present it infront of investors. The applications that are not selected will be part of audiences in the event and will be given an possibility to fulfill investors.

6. Rivalogic

Riva Thinking Technological innovation is well known as one of  India's major e-branding, e-strategy and on the internet knowing control company.  With more than 13 years of contribution with some of the most popular customers worldwide, Today Rivalogic  is well postioned and determined as a ideal web solutions company in Local indian native. We provide a very unique task to our customers with a healthy mix of strategy, amazing marketing and web technology solutions. Rivalogic  Technological innovation has  confirmed abilities in  web based solutions viz. on the internet identification development, e-strategy,  on the internet marketing, web cms, website development and web technology discussing with providing a wide range of web solutions - from performance targeted web creating to web cms to e-branding to ebusiness discussing with and e-commerce systems. Our durability can be found in creating and providing exciting customer actions and strong on the on the internet connections to your customers.

7. .blazonsoftwares

Blazon Program applications is one of the best company in Program Development, webdesigning.Blazon applications delivers together amazing experience, comprehensive capabilities across all areas and business functions. Blazon applications help clients to become high-performance organizations to achieve their goals with cost-effective software and web creating solutions. The Blazon Programs through its past 3 and a 50 % year experience is able to provide the product on or before the time, with fantastic and with price decreasing technological innovation.

8. IKF Communication
Simply community social media is the process of marketing your products through community media sites like Tweets, Experience book and YouTube. By using the community element of the web, community social media is able to link and communicate on a much more customized and highly effective level than through conventional marketing. It has the power of attaining to a bigger bulk without much cost and attempt.

9. Hem World

HEMWORLD Marketing & Marketing helps to merge your company group wide by improve sources & techniques. HEMWORLD as promotion & marketing company changes from media to media as the pattern changes as per time. We modify new management system & technology as per way of life & modifying styles. We will help your company with the worldwide dimensions.
We search for companies that we can build powerful durable regards. We look for companies who proper care willingly about their company growth & brand identification.We are going to flourish our Company in to trading & promotion industry.

HEMWORLD Marketing & Marketing company offer customer- targeted services and furthermore, provides them successfully. Whether you are a company or a large business, HEMWORLD Marketing & Marketing can help you to accomplish conventional business look & company growth. If your objective is to create quickly in aggressive worldwide market, we can ensure that our company gives you the success way to your company & help to create with huge success. We are taking good proper care all of your company with worldwide dimensions by using improve management sources & techniques.

1. Online Marketing Pune

2. Mrova

3. WebSite Design Wala

4. saleszoomer

5. School of Digital marketing

6. Rivalogic
7. Better Marketing
8. Greentech marketing Solutions
9. Pune tech

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