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20 August 2019


YouTube, that started in 2005, is now extremely well known as a website for watching and streaming videos.

Image Source : Youtube
Regular users who may have remained entirely anonymous before the onset of the digital world are finding fame through uploading videos.  These anonymous people are building successful media platforms through sharing their talents and voices. By doing this, they are building an audience of their own.

We share some success stories with you here.

1. PewDiePie – $21 million (3 billion views)

Image Source : lifehack.org
This is  is also known as Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a Swedish YouTube vlogger whose features basically concentrate on video games. He has broken various YouTube progress records, increasing from 12 million supporters in August 2013 to more than 20 million in January 2014. We need to understand that this didn’t become successful just because of a sudden viral hit or a change in his Youtube presence. Instead, the reason behind his success is “consistency”. He uploads videos on his channel almost every single day. Once he started getting popular, he built upon his success, and give more time to his online presence. He spends a lot of time discussing his fan’s inquiries in the comments, and formed a famous group of “bros” where his fans can share his work with their friends.
Lesson we can imbibe : The lesson we need to learn here is a worthy lesson for anyone eager to grow audience on YouTube. This is not a secret formula but consistency, hard work, and quality content to engage your audience constantly.

2. BlueXephos – $16.1 million (2.3 billion views)
Image Source : lifehack.org   
In 2008  Lewis started a little YouTube channel called BlueXephos to share his best friend Simon’s charm with the world. They gained initial popularity from posting a  video of the most entertaining game at that time. This was the “World of Warcraft.” Later in 2010, they started one of the most popular serialized shows on YouTube, The Shadow of Israphel. Then in March 2013, the channel was the most seen and the second-most subscribed to channel on YouTube. In fact, they won “Greatest YouTube Gamer” award two consecutive years at the Joystick Awards. This way it has grown from being a single YouTube channel to a commercial network.

Lesson we can imbibe : If we make videos that are related to hot news or popular things that everybody is discussing and finding on the web, we will have a superior chance of getting fame. Staying current is vital in the ever-changing world of social media.

3. DisneyCollectorBR – $5.1 million (1.51 billion views)
Image Source : lifehack.org 
This is a famous YouTube channel owned by an anonymous Brazilian lady who frequently uploads videos of Disney toys. Despite she being anonymous, DisneyCollectorBR is the most-watched YouTube channel in the United States. Disney channel has entered into the child’s world and channel videos leave a “spellbinding effect” on children through background music, voice and instructions. It is popular because children love the opportunity to observe someone demonstrating how to engage with certain toys, which is why this faceless YouTube channel is consistently on the top list.

Lesson we can imbibe : The appearance one’s YouTube channel can make or break the success of your videos. We need to put our efforts to the draw the attention of the viewers! We could come up with an appealing channel name and add relevant content to get things started. We also need to add a channel short description to give viewers an idea of the kind of content we are offering.

4. Smosh – $19.6 million (2.8 billion views) 

This is a YouTube comedy channel operated by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. The producers that established this brand  in the fall of 2005 were not newcomers to Internet content creation or comedy. The co-founder, Anthony Padilla, started this phenomenon back in 2003 when he uploaded a few short Flash animations on the Newgrounds website. 

Ian Hecox, his friend, started helping him a few months later and the two still work together on each release. They became well known in YouTube group when their video of the Pokemon signature song became the most popular video of the time. Their high quality clips has helped them win the attention of more than eight million people from around the world. Smosh has made various comedy videos that are still regularly updated and consistently popular in 2006. They are also  in talks with others to begin airing their comedy content on television.

Lesson we can imbibe : We should not undervalue the value of video production. If our content is interesting or creative, but the quality is low, viewers will watch the video for first few seconds only and then move away. So, we need to invest in a good video camera to capture HD videos and use professional video editing programs to make your video catchier.

5. RayWilliamJohnson – $18.2 million (2.6 billion views)

Image Source : lifehack.org
Ray William Johnson video blogger, writer, producer, and actor best known for his YouTube series Equals.  It was reported by a industry publication that Johnson had six of the top 20 most watched videos of the month. Johnson became popular from his series Equals Three where he gives opinion and personal views to viral videos. He is also a gifted author of music and lyrics across a number of different music genres–which he uses in his videos. Through entertaining comments and creativity, he maintains a consistently large viewership that endures to follow his work from the aggressive to the instructive. His channel has more than 10 million subscribers and gets more views than 99% of regular television programming. The secret of  his success is regular and frequent scheduling–that is one of the important advices, best practices, and strategies to build greater audiences on YouTube.

Lesson we can imbibe : The most popular YouTube stars create schedules to release their videos, and it really seems to work for them. Fans get familiar with the schedule and return for the latest video at the same time every week. To help boost our exposure, we need to create a schedule and let our fans know when to expect your new content.

6. Shane Dawson – $315,000

The young Shane Dawson is so popular that he has 12 million-plus subscribers across three different YouTube channels. He has had challenges too. In 2008 Shane and his family were fired after he uploaded a video of himself pole dancing in the building he worked in. He also uploaded a video called “Fred is Dead!”. That became the most-viewed video on YouTube (at that time, received over 23 million views). His strategy is that every week he posts new videos on his main channel, ShaneDawsonTV, and formerly posts other videos on other channels. Shane often cooperates with other YouTubers and also appears in their videos. So much so,  that he was featured on “Attack of the Show” and, in 2010, Forbes magazine named him their 25th most famous web celebrity.

Lesson we can imbibe : We need to look for opportunities to collaborate with other YouTubers with similar style and viewership. Through collaboration you can share each other’s audiences, which will result in more YouTube recognition and getting to be a more prominent part of the YouTube community.

7. Philip DeFranco – $181,000 (1 billion views)

Phil  has long been one of the most cherished vloggers on YouTube. He is a kid from the Bronx who started off acting like an idiot before building a small empire on the world’s largest video platform. He got his start on YouTube when he first made his channel, sxephil, in 2006. His channel SourceFed (acquired by Discovery Communications), which blends political news and humor, is frequently named as the most successful of the much-hyped YouTube funded channels.  His cast is so lovable and relevant that ever single news piece feels important and entertaining. The channel engages viewers on a personal level and truly creates a link with the viewer.

Lesson we can imbibe : Many stars on Youtube gain popularity by making a video response and giving it a hilarious twist. This helps them capitalize on other people’s success. He steadily posts responses. Eventually, the originals catapult to even greater fame.

8. Fred – $146,000

Fred Figglehorn is an imaginary character, played by Lucas Cruikshank, who uploads videos at Fred’s Channel on YouTube. In his video, Fred says he is a 6-year-old boy with a worthless family life and issues with anger management. Lucas’s videos are about teenage issues like school dances, dating, girls, irritating parents and more using a funny, hilarious approach.
His character became a great success on the web with over 1.6 million YouTube subscribers. Fred’s high-pitched chipmunk voice and energetic character attract viewers to watch his videos in droves. This is successful as his videos are new, fresh and relevant to what is going on in the lives of kids.
Lesson we can imbibe : We need to engage in social media to promote our YouTube channel. Through social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, we can let people in your circle know about our videos. This will not only target our family and friends but also people in our friends’ circles. They could promote you too.

In Sum
The fact is YouTube gives us a readymade platform to promote ourselves. We only need to make complete use of this, applying all the lessons we can imbibe from other success stories.

References :


16 August 2019


We often think of doing all kinds of things to earn money. What we need to do is keep our mind open to learning and results do follow. This is particularly applicable to everyone in the digital world that we inhabit. Through his YouTube channel, Ryan Toys Review, this 7 year old has earned INR 155 crore a in a year. We share his story with you.

Image Source : YouTube
When we were 7 years old, we just did our homework and played. Today we are going to tell you about a child who according to Forbes is the highest grossing YouTube star. This boy named Ryan has a Ryan Toys Review YouTube channel. This channel features Ryan Kaji who is just 7 years old as of July 2019. It also features his mother (Loann Kaji), father (Shion Kaji), and twin sisters (Emma and Kate). They usually releases a new video every day.   From this YouTube channel, it has earned $ 22 million in a year, or about Rs 155 crore.The fact is Ryan’s YouTube channel has 1.70 million subscribers.

This itself shows us how democratic the digital world is. Anyone can reach out to anyone here. This indeed is its power. We just need to understand its power and strength. After understanding, we must be proactive to capitalise on it. As we can see, this is surely not impossible. We only learn to be eager to learn the new language and skills.

Coming back to Ryan on this channel Ryan is shown playing with his toys and unboxing them. Ryan does all this work in front of the camera. A person shoots his video and uploads it to YouTube which is watched by his millions of fans. According to Forbes, Ryan’s revenue comes from his channel’s views and advertising.
Ryan’s another channel is Ryan’s Family Review. Here, he earns $ 21 million (i.e. about 147 crores) from the pre-roll ads coming on Ryan Toys Review channel. He earns 1 million dollars or about 8 crores through sponsored advertisements. According to Forbes, Ryan’s most viewed video includes his Disney toys and playing with Pav Patrol. Over 1 crore children have watched these video
We can see that all this happened as there was a deep connect of the children with Ryan.
All this started when he began making videos in March 2015 after watching other toy review channels. Some of them where EvanTubeHD. After seeing this, he asked his mother why he was not on  YouTube when all the other kids were. His mother took this query of his very seriously. She thought and decided to quit her job as a high school chemistry teacher to work on the YouTube channel full-time.
After a while, actually in 2017 to be precise, Ryan's parents signed a deal with pocket.watch, a startup children's media company that was founded in 2016. This company does the marketing and merchandise for Ryan's YouTube channels.

One thing led to another. For, in 2018, Ryan ToysReview, collaborated with pocket.watch and Wildworks. They created an app called Tag with Ryan, an endless runner game targeted towards children, for iOS and Android. Further, in 2019, both of them produced a 20-episode television series for preschoolers titled Ryan’s mystery playdate. This again was a huge hit as Ryan knew what other children, like him, would relate to. So, yes, understanding is always a key factor for anything to become a success. His channel is rated as Top 100 most subscribed YouTube channels in United States. This is no mean achievement, for sure.
We definitely need to understand that Ryan has understood his viewers who are by extension, his source of revenue, as the digital world is indeed highly democratic.
We are now experiencing a paradigm shift from thinking in terms of closed systems to thinking in terms of open networks. We live in a “networked” world that is characterized by networks both online and offline. Networks are non-hierarchical, inclusive, connected, complex, and open. They are constructed out of both humans and nonhumans. They are now a kind of blueprint for the way in which society is being organized.
Secrets of success

If seven year old Ryan can be so successful, we surely can too of course.

The secret of Ryan’s success is all about his authenticity. Children relate to him and so he is a true friend of theirs.
From him, we must learn to
a.       Understand our audience
None of us can do anything unless we know what our audience is, both potential and real.
b.      Connect with them
We need to have a direct connect with our viewers. This indeed is the power of the digital world.
c.       Reach out to them
We must reach out to the viewers by taking to them through our video.
d.      Be regular
As we saw, Ryan and his family release a new video every day. The internet does like regularity.
It is often said that all entrepreneurs need to be open to learn new skills to survive. This is extremely relevant in the area of digital world. The world has changed so all entrepreneurs need to become digital as well. This is indeed important for everyone. Ryan of course probably didn’t aim to be an entrepreneur but he wish that his views be heard. He learnt new skills, assisted by his family and then then of course catapulted to great success.
We often hear the term, its never too late to succeed. From Ryan, we can learn that its never too early to succeed.
According to us, his key skill apart from authenticity, is passion. Passion to share, passion to learn and passion to show his toys to the world.
His parents took this seriously instead of just ignoring this as just a childish request. They understood that there is a lot of power in the digital world that we inhabit. They may have begun this to make him happy but resulted in being great digital entrepreneurs themselves
Kudos Ryan for showing us the power of the digital world.
See some of his videos below
Back to school routine

With mother with cooking toys kitchen

With mommy using twin telepathy

07 July 2019


Best way to do website marketing

We need to use SEO to improve our rank in search engines

Here, a creative website is essential as it is the first impression that a customer gets.

Quality content is must for search engine ranking. Perform keyword search based on marketing goals. This is important step to start your web marketing strategy having a unique plan to increase web traffic. 

 Make creative website banners:-                                                    

Banner is the effective way to capture human eyes and add a visual cohesiveness you can use consistent banner image for all post and web page it will help to create intensive impact on customer the banner image should be related to topic.

Update your content on regular basis:-                                          

This means that you need regular updated on your site as a quick and easy way to boost your search engine position. It's very important to have updated content on regular basis so that the visitors will have something new to gather from your website` Content is the major role in website marketing.   

Effectively use of the social media marketing:-                             

Social Media Marketing is a powerful way for business of all where would your target audience hang out. In website marketing the major role is of social media marketing because now a days social media is the best platform to promotion of brands and to increase the traffic to your website. Most of the company use this strategy to improve their client to increase the branding of the product. If we  give the social media buttons on the website allow the visitors to find our social marketing channels.

Effective use of Email Marketing:-                                                 

Focus on creating and sending a high quality emails. Email marketing is the effective way for communication as well as for promotion of any Brands. If you have small business and if you want to grow your name then this is the effective way to do that through Email-Marketing. We can also send the small demo pg our website that will help to build the trust factor to the customer.

Some Reference Video to get to know fast about Web Marketing:-




   Website Marketing for small business     

Benefits of website Marketing:


Improve Business Credibility:
A simple way to view a website in your online business. This is where your customers, clients find you online. It validate your business and improves your credibility. It gives your business identity and virtual proof that it exists.

Build your Business:
Share your Story : A website is a great way to share your story with your audience why you started this business and what you have to accomplish. 

Get Clients :                                                                                         It's not enough to have a rock on online profile . 36% of clients say smart business make local business more profitable. A website gives you platform to highlight your experience and knowledge. 

Build a Strong relationship with your market:

Let the market know "who you are" :You can set up a blog page where you can share your thoughts and ideas with audience.  

Address the needs of your market : Invite your audience to engage you by encouraging them to post comments on our blogs. 

Educate the Market of your Business : Utilize the 80-20 rule; 80% of your content should be relevant the needs of your audience while 20% should educate them about your business. 

Efficient Way to promote your business:

Social Media - The 3.5 Billion people are online everyday, 2.34 Billion or 67% are on social media. 

Email Marketing- Email marketing is efficient in acquiring customer than facebook.

Application of Website Marketing:

*SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
*Website Design & Development
*Email Marketing
*Digital Marketing Service
*Social Media marketing
*Content Marketing

Small Business Marketing Tactics:

*Create Shareable Content & Relavant content.
*Optimize For both Mobile & Desktop Marketing.
*Focus on Organic Social Media.
*Host Value Packed Webinars.
*Build a Targeted Email List.

Leverage the Power of Social Proof. Note https://www.lyfemarketing.com/blog/small-business-digital-marketing/

Why Internet Marketing is Important for Small Business?

When it comes to the success of your business , internet marketing is a key. To market yourself and to promote your products and services, you need support of internet marketing .You can save money and reach more customers. Audience have to know you personally which can help you to create brand loyalty.
5 reasons why it is important:

*To increase visibility of your Business.
*To connect with the customer.
*To Cope up with the competition.
*It is good for research and development. 
*Legitimate yourself.

Best Small Business Websites Examples:


Email : Komalsingh0127@gmail.com


Videos that may help in marketing:

24 June 2019


Blockchain technology use is well known. It is used a lot in big corporations. Now, it is growing everywhere and even entering the realm of small businesses. The fact is  blockchain can easily overcome all competition even if is by giant competitors.  Here, it enables increased transaction and data transparency, top security and tamper-proof contract management. It has gained efficiency in technology that provides a platform for Bitcoin, and also plays a big role in small size business, mid size business and large businesses.Hence, there are many applications of blockchain for businesses.
Image Source: cointelegraph.com

1.Smart contracts makes smart business      

  • There is often always a third party available with traditional contracts who creates contract and ensures that each one involved abides it. Also, it determines which should be allowed or not allowed.Smart contracts automates all this processes. The contract then a self-verifying and self-enforcing one. 
          **How do smart contracts work? 
  • Firstly an  option contract is written as a code into blockchain
  • Contracts are part of public blockchain
  • Parties taking part in contract are anonymous
  • As soon as the conditions are met the contract executes by itself
  • Users and/or regulators use blockchain to keep a watch on contracts.
2.Supply chain management and  communication- 

  • Blockchain gives small business a boost and movement to original sources and suppliers by maintaining a supply chain track and digital trail.The products we usually buy are not a single entity so, there are the reports of assembling many components that are sold by a chain of suppliers directly to the company which markets the  finalized end product(s).Also, if one of the company fails with the system then the whole final brand has to suffer. This is noted and kept track of.

  3.Digital identity- 


50% of cyber attacks target small business. Their main concern is security.That is why first know whom you are dealing with while using electronic means of communication. A best business must acquire an assurance of an identity for further commercial enterprises like -internet banking ,trading,digital signature,e-commerce and so on.

With the help of blockchain technology, it is now possible to keep a track and maintain digital identity efficiently and securely.

4.Networking IOT :

  • The capability of  IOT (Internet of Things) to supply benefits to small business is very large.The bridge it offers between human being and machines improvise agility,collaboration , knowledge sharing and so on. By using IOT business owners can easily setup their company anywhere. They can also appoint employees remotely and can carry out operations securely.For the concern of IOT security, block chain technology is used.

  • The block chain develops a central hub and with the help of it, the other devices communicate and manage the process efficiently.

 5. Decentralised Cloud storage :

  • Cloud storage enables maintenance of remote data, maintenance and backup of large data , access files and so on.
  • Small business owners initially turned their to  Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud , but these platforms do not give full security and also provide limited transparency.  Therefore, this was surely not a complete success story. People did keep looking for solutions. Now, blockchain technology is providing all the necessary technology that cloud could not give. 
6. Paying Employees
Since the blockchain has it’s roots in cryptocurrency, it only makes sense that it could be used as an application to compensate employees. This process is taking place slowly but steadily. Here, this is beneficial both to employers and employees. Geoff Weiss states on Entrepreneur this fact as he is clear that if one's company regularly pays wages to international workers, then incorporating Bitcoin into the payroll process could be a major cost saver.
Bitwage  is a Bitcoin-based payroll service. It says that blockchain technology will save a lot if time and money for employers and employees. 
There is also the process of paying remote employees and contractors. This is also bound to increase in all businesses, small to big
7. Electronic Voting
BitShares, that is a globally distributed database, states that Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) is the fastest, most efficient, most decentralized, and most flexible consensus model available. 
This system utilises the power of stakeholder approval voting to resolve consensus issues in a fair and democratic way. All network parameters can be tuned via elected delegates. Block producers can be selected and this allows transactions to be confirmed in an average of just one second. Most importantly, the consensus protocol is designed to protect all participants against unwanted interference.
The future of blockchain will be growing in the coming years and one must capitalize on this. The world is digital  now and block chain technology is an integral part of this process.
In Sum

We all must realise the world is changing and we must change with it to obtain maximum benefits. After all, the digital world is now very pertinent to all of us today. We are  experiencing a paradigm shift. From thinking in terms of closed systems we now now thinking in terms of open networks. We live in a “networked” world that is characterized by networks both online and offline. Networks are non-hierarchical, inclusive, connected, complex, and open. They are constructed out of both humans and nonhumans. This is a kind of blueprint for the way in which society is being organized. 

As humans, we all have the ability to learn and require only passion to learn. 

Hence, it does make sense to learn an evolving technology, blockchain. Earlier, it was necessary needed to learn Maths and English. Science was also added to the list. When science keeps changing, it is indeed necessary that we keep learning all that is emerging in this field. Is it not necessary then for us to learn this too?

In fact, other than places  to visit, we could add blockchain technology in our things to do list. This is the only thing that shall make us fit in to the new world, especially in the area of technology. Hence, we all must make note of this without too much delay.
For further reference, see the video given below : 

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