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Let a great product do the talking for you, both digitally and otherwise

A great product does get noticed by customers. Earlier, it was through word of mouth publicity and regular ads. With the world soon becoming digital, information started spreading so rapidly that great products started selling rapidly all over the world. Venture capitalist Fred Wilson once stated with style, "Marketing is for companies that have sucky products." While we wouldn't go quite that far, we agree that having a great product does a lot of your marketing for you. One must invest time in understanding what the users are looking for and then build it accordingly. The quality of your product can lead to viral growth, which means you can scale back some of your marketing efforts. A great example of this is DropBox. DropBox did almost no marketing in its initial stages, instead relying on a great product to inspire word-of-mouth recommendations and viral growth. And it worked. If you do have a great product and you can get it in the hands of a few key influencers, you mi…

Digitalization - the new mantra of success for futuristic Indian manufacturing industries

By Sandeep Shroff
Digitalization has definitely arrived. There is absolutely no doubt about this. What one need to know is how one needs to address and tackle this key area in our business.We definitely need to embrace and strategise a proccess of digitilasation and we show you how we do it.
Independent consulting companies, confederations of industries and international organisations confirm the importance of the digital world. They show us that most Indian industries have initiated activities of checking out on next generation of digital technologies. Some of them are the Internet of Things (IOT), Mobile Technologies, Robotics, 3D printing, Cloud Computing and Data Analytics as handles of digitization. As we are aware, these set of digital technologies are set to bring a major ‘Business Disruption’. They shall alter the way in which the product design , manufacturing, and equipment operation will be done in near future. Optimistic predictions suggest that IIoT Business will be in a ra…

Now, the digital world has made a great difference to healthcare too

The digital world is present in all areas of healthcare now. Most healthcare professionals know this and ensure they are present there. For, they certainly don’t want their patients not to avail of all the benefits it offers. There are certainly benefits but one does need to understand it completely so that all aspects are taken care of. For, this is a sacrosanct relationship that cannot be ruined due to wrong application of technology. On the other hand, the right application could and does offer a lot of benefits to all the stakeholders. So, it does help to spend time in seeing all aspects.

The digital world is now very pertinent to all of us today. We are now experiencing a paradigm shift from thinking in terms of closed systems to thinking in terms of open networks. We live in a “networked” world that is characterized by networks both online and offline. Networks are non-hierarchical, inclusive, connected, complex, and open. They are constructed out of both humans and nonhumans. Th…

Let us learn a digital strategy that is truly international NOW!

Everyone needs to learn how to form a strategy that is completely encompassing of all regions for only then can it be called an international one.
In a world that is becoming completely global, is important that individual institutions craft their  own  internationalization strategy in order to enhance the attractiveness of their institution   and   programmes   on   offer. We have explored and used a of guidelines for the successful design and implementation of a university’s internationalization strategy.
We have learnt this with many of our clients. Many institutes do not see that the world is now completely global and therefore, do not teach the students how to make an appropriate strategy suiting this new world. This is exactly what we share all of this with our students too so that they fit into the international arena.
Knowing the digital world is now the new world, we do the following always
We ensure how everyone could do the following :-
1.  Formalise  the  strategic  process.

Now, education in India can also be international. Identify the right places!

There are both opportunities and challenges in making higher education international. We have studied all of this and incorporated in all our courses.

The opportunities include enhanced capacity, greater access for students, development of joint curriculum, greater diversity of programmes, exposure to a variety of teaching and learning methods, growing comparability of qualifications and exposure to established systems of education administration and management. For us in India, there is less brain drain of gifted and brightstudentstoforeigninstitutions and fusion of cultures exchange of research ideasandmore research. This leads to multinational teams leading to generation of new academic environments.
The challenges are high fees so there is inequality of access leading to a two-tier system which is inconsistent with the equity and access philosophy of both the institution and the national government. This is why we have ensured our courses are accessible to all.
Important factors in a…

Explore Fintech, the new hybrid word in the emerging digital world of today!

Fintech is a term used to mean financial technology. This is currently known as one of the trendiest fields to work for in today’s digital age. Primarily, this is due to the fact that financial technology has the potential to revolutionize the world.
One can define fintech as a new financial industry that applies technology to improve financial activities. The main medium used here is the internet. Here, all the services produced and marketed are made functional through this medium. The various areas in which we find a presence here are insurance, trading and risk management. We can see an increased investment for both the development as well as the expansion of this field in the recent times.
This could and is bringing in massive changes in the lifestyles of people as well as in the ways that they conduct business.
The companies which work in the arena of fintech are usually involved in the offering of products and services, which are usually offered by financial institutions. They are …

Explore the world of machines learning where machines learn and teach us too!

Many of us may know that machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence. This gives systems the ability to automatically learn. They also improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.

Essentially, this technique focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and then use it learn themselves. It is actually a classic method of learning that learns how to learn. All one needs to know is the basic mechanism so that one can use it well. After all, there is always a difference between making use of something and making efficient use of something. This efficiency can come only we understand it completely and know all the aspects that it, in this case, machine learning operates on.

Machine learning uses data analysis that automates analytical model building. The basic premise is that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.Naturally, with less human intervention, there would be more gr…